Zimbabwe: Rhumba Nights to Cater for Mature Audiences

Music and dance are an integral part of the African culture.They provide entertainment.

In the past, they used to be a an effective form of communication system, passing messages on different sociatal issues.

Music genres vary hugely throughout Africa, but still has similar purposes for entertainment, storytelling, welcoming heroes, symbolising happiness or sadness and for religious ceremonies.

Rhumba music is one of those genres that have stood the test of time on the African continent.

Despite the presence of other genres, rhumba has continued to dominate in the music industry, especially with the likes of Congolese singer Koffi Olomide who has been producing hit after hit.

The local scene has not been left out in the rhumba euphoria.

And Harare’s uptown joint, Pabloz VIP Club, will this weekend introduce a new slot of performances dubbed the Rhumba Night in order to capture the wider and mature audiences.

Speaking to The Herald Arts, the joint’s spokesperson, Lyndon Kapuya, said all was set for the new concept, which so far has proved to be popular.

“We are proud to introduce a new and exciting concept at Pabloz VIP Club at Sam Levy’s Village in Borrowdale,” he said.

“For some time now, we have received requests to host events for the mature crowd who are starved of entertainment in the city as most nightlife now seems to be targeted at mainly the younger market.”

Kapuya said the show begins this weekend with performers already lined up.

“Pabloz has responded to the call and from this coming Saturday and every Saturday following will be hosting an all new elite rhumba night,” he said.

“The evenings will be hosted by the dynamic rhumba duo of DJ Ben and DJ Buzie whom any rhumba aficionados will know to be the top practitioners of the genre in Zimbabwe.

“They will be bringing us all the classics plus the newest and hottest offerings as they have their finger on the pulse of the latest developments of all things rhumba.”

Kapuya said to help launch the new concept, Ben and Buzie will be ably assisted by the premier rhumba band Diamond Musica led by the inimitable Pichou.

“This promises to be an electrifying experience for rhumba lovers out there,” said Kapuya.