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Fans of both AFCON and FIFA have always wondered whether or not they would ever see their favorite event make it into their go-to game. Moreover, with the amount of attention AFCON has received this year, this question has only been raised by all the more people.

In this article, we will be taking a look at whether or not we will ever see the African cup of nations make its way into FIFA, as well as also going through a few of the reasons both for and against why this may or may not happen in the future.

It Is Not Unheard Of For Events To Be Acknowledged In-Game

To accurately take a look at whether or not AFCON could eventually make its way into FIFA, it would first be a good idea to see if FIFA has ever implemented events like this into its framework before. Well, to answer that question; yes.

There are always a ton of FIFA events going on at any one time, and there is a myriad of similar events to AFCON that have been featured in some way. Although, this also raises the question of what if people ask “What is AFCON?” were it to actually get implemented, as it’s no secret that it is not as well known as some other tournaments. This is certainly a possibility, and it is highly likely that the majority of the player base may happen to be entirely unaware as to what AFCON is. Luckily, this is not a very good argument.

There has been a wide range of featured events in FIFA’s history before that would have been almost impossible for all of their players to have known about. Furthermore, whenever stats and player advantages are involved, everyone would be quick to learn.

If a special variant of one of the players competing in AFCON came out that happened to have better stats than the original, you can almost guarantee that players would opt to welcome this new card with open arms, and this would also have a nice knock-on effect of making AFCON more popular.

Widespread Notoriety & A Growing Interest

Even though AFCON may be relatively unknown in the grand scheme of things, that’s not to say that it is by any means small. Just visit 10bet Tanzania and you will see hundreds of thousands of people who have decided to try their luck by betting on their favorite team, and this is just the start of it.

AFCON has seen steady growth throughout the years, with size and scale seemingly increasing every single year. This year has been no exception, and by anyone’s standards, AFCON has only managed to grab more new fans than usual this year. This shows that people truly do care enough about AFCON to keep growth continually rising, and it also shows that there is some level of demand as new fans seem to come about in droves. This is all great news for AFCON, but more than that, it also directly contributes to the point of this article.

All of the newfound hype and attention surrounding AFCON could certainly have the potential to grab the attention of EA and executives of FIFA, and this could be the stepping stone that AFCON needs. 

There Just Isn’t Enough Demand Right Now

Despite the attention on 10bet Zambia and the giddiness of people who are involved, the reality is, AFCON simply isn’t big enough yet to warrant a feature in FIFA. The vast majority of the general public has never even heard about AFCON, and when you factor in the fact that EA would need to go out of their way and spend resources to make this feature happen, it starts to look incredibly unlikely.

From a business perspective, there just isn’t enough widespread hype surrounding AFCON to warrant EA spending money to implement some new content when it may not even be able to make them a profit. If you know EA, then you know why this almost outright guarantees that AFCON won’t be getting a feature anytime soon.

No one truly knows if AFCON will ever make it into FIFA. There are incredibly good points both for and against, and in reality, only time will tell which side is right.

Whatever your opinion may be on the topic, I think we can all agree that having something new come to FIFA would be a welcomed change, and AFCON may just be the perfect thing to fit the bill.


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