Wife Snatching in the Gambia – An essay that describes the ordeal of a Semester!

Wife Snatching in the Gambia – An essay that describes the ordeal of a Semester!

The ‘ember’ months are usually filled with spontaneous and exciting activities, not only in the Gambia but in several parts of Africa. It is a period when many would save-up through various means (legal or illegal), to catch complete cruise of the fun, joy, and heightened excitement towards the end of the winter months.

Little wonder, December is usually agog with celebrations.

Youths, both home, and foreign-based are always in anticipation of this period. That is when you get to see the biggest boys driving the latest cars in town. Young ladies are not left behind as they have capitalized on the season to prepare themselves and engage in aggressive marketing to make themselves more palpable to the international big boys.

However, even as the celebrations go wild, there is a higher chance of young, foreign-based men (semesters) getting into engagements that could pose danger to their own welfare.

The Gambia is among and no exception to those African countries that have witnessed a recent surge of some very interesting  and rather strange events.

Many youths, of Gambian origin especially, who are residents of different countries in Europe, America, and even Asia, fly back to the country to witness the joy and fun of December with their families and loved ones.

Nevertheless, some youths have failed to heed to some warnings and have decided to go all out of the way in pursuit for taste for lust passion and adrenalin – the consequence of which is one, which I bet you would never have imagined. Penis loss? Oh my God, that can’t be true … Of course, it is, and a comprehensive narration is here and  is the story of Bintou and Tapha (a Tilibonka man).

You are about to read a true-life event which was gathered by GM24 TV; so, get yourself some Attaya (China Green Tea), Baradda and Kass or wonjo drink, relax, and ride with us in this journey that led a young well-to-do “Tilibonka” man in an action that cost him his most precious organs. A story, which we gathered and proved to be one with so many emotions, pain, betrayal, and regrets.

It is indeed a caution for internationally-based Gambian young men to read on and learn…

Tapha is a German-based Gambian man (SEMESTER) in his late thirties who hails from Basse but resident in Kotu. He spent a significant part of his childhood days in kotu, before he migrated to Germany in his mid-twenties. Tapha works with an Agricultural production company in Germany.

In anticipation for the December celebration in 2018, Tapha had saved just about enough to cater for a well anticipated holiday with his family and friends in the Gambia.

On the other hand, Bintou was a native of Sinchu Alagie, a stunning woman with a gorgeous but deceptive smile, powerful enough to make any man lose-guard.

Notwithstanding, she had a weakness; a raging insatiable sexual libido that could have been tamed at the early stage, if she was honest to herself and her husband. Oh, husband? Yes, don’t be surprised. Bintou was a lucky woman and enviable among her peers in Sinchu, and this was connected to the fact that she got married to a UK based engineer.

She received so much love and care from her husband; he rarely visits the Gambia to check-up on his wife and obviously couldn’t fulfill all her desires and needs. Obviously something was lacking, he was so far away in the UK, and his wife was there in Gambia seeking for whom to devour in a quest to satisfy her raging urges.

So, December arrived, and in the spirit of Christmas, Tapha was among the notable semesters in town. On Christmas eve, he went shopping at a mini supermarket in kotu; unfortunately for him, that was the beginning of his predicament. At the supermarket, he met Bintou and was swept-away by her stunning beauty. Although he noticed the ring on her left hand, that did not deter him – he had always wished to have a taste of a married woman’s honeypot.

He approached her, exchanged pleasantries, and introduced himself as a German-based Gambian. Of course, pride, overconfidence, and lack of self-control have always been the most prominent attributes displayed by “some semesters” whenever they return home from foreign land.

Tapha and Bintou started to get along with each other, spent time together, and, most times, visited the afra spot and the beach side together. All in the spirit of December. One would have thought that Bintou would be cautious enough as a married woman to avoid being seen with the Tilibonka man in public places. That was not the case – ‘she had already given in to her raging libido.’ A sex-starved young woman who couldn’t respect her sacred marital vows.

Many of the indigenes cautioned Tapha to desist from such ignominious act, yet he turned deaf ears to all these calls. Perhaps, he felt it was a temporary fling because she is married and he would go back to Germany after the December celebration. Therefore, he saw it as the perfect opportunity to achieve his age-long desire for gracing a married woman’s honeypot.

Wife Snatching in the Gambia - An essay that describes the ordeal of a Semester!


After several visiting, fun, and engagements between the two parties, The Malian origin found the ideal opportunity to struck. He invited her over to his place, and they engaged in a rather dry romance session. The atmosphere was getting tensed, clothes began to grow wings, and gradually the atmosphere became uncontrollable.

The moment had arrived when the semester would grace the honeypot of one of the most beautiful, yet dishonest women in the community. However, before he was about to get to the promised land, tragedy struck!

‘’The Tilibonka’s penis is gone!’’

How come?

What happened?

Was it there a few minutes ago?

Wife Snatching in the Gambia - An essay that describes the ordeal of a Semester!

I thought I felt it while we were making-out? What’s going on? All these were questions that were flying in the air at that moment of dismay. But at that point, Tapha became restless, and they had no other option but to call the attention of the neighbors.

Being a strange occurrence, neighbors and family members decided to conceal it from the police. One of our sources at gm24 reported that several magicians, native doctors, and even spiritualists were consulted to find a solution to the problem, yet, Tapha’s penis was not going to return anytime soon.

A December that is meant to be a month of celebration for this hyper semester had turned out to become his worst nightmare, and it appears he is not going to wake-up anytime soon.

When all options have failed to bring a solution to his predicament, sympathizers suggested to the family to fly him to Dakar, where he will meet with one of the most powerful witch doctors (JUJU MAN) in Mali.

During these moments, Bintou had been in a state of shame, self-regret, and dismay as she became a topic of ridicule in the community. With the turnout of events, they’re becoming optimistic that the Malian witch doctor would find a solution to the semester’s problem.

Of course, it doesn’t end there; our correspondents gathered that most of these diabolical predicaments also take place in other African countries. For example, In the Mapo area of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. In these towns in Nigeria, most people refer to such charms as “magun.”

By magun, it is believed that the husbands of these women make some diabolical deposition in them. Therefore, if the woman attempts to cheat with any other man, the male cheater will either go mad, lose his penis, bark like a dog, run with no destination, or do some other unimaginable things depending on the wish of the woman’s husband.

As dangerous as it may be, gm24 agents have conducted due diligence on this development, and our results show that most foreign-based young men are usually prey to these diabolically-infused ladies. And this does not only occur during the “ember” months, just that the semesters are more prone to it during December.

This should serve as a warning shot for all semesters who are planning to visit the country this December. Be wary of these type of women. This is not to denigrate the local women, but to act as a severe caution to men who are harboring similar plans like that of the Tapha the Tilibonka man.

Rather than cause shadows, it is better to enjoy every moment of your time with your family and stay away from married women with no atom of honesty in them. All p**** can be attractive on the outside, but some might be filled with deadly ants.

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