UPSC Key-July 27, 2022: Why you should read ‘Ethical issues associated with celebrity’ or ‘Punitive Detention and Preventive Detention’ for UPSC CSE


Ask finance panel, if possible, to check freebies: SC to Govt


Preliminary Examination: Current events of national and international importance.

Mains Examination: General Studies II: Welfare schemes for vulnerable sections of the population by the Centre and States and the performance of these schemes

Key Points to Ponder:

What’s the ongoing story– Wondering why the Centre “is hesitating to spell out its stand” on a plea seeking directions to regulate distribution of freebies by political parties using public money, the Supreme Court Tuesday asked it to consult the Finance Commission whether it is possible to check this by regulating allocation of revenue to states.

• Freebies and Fiscal stress-Connect the dots

• What is ‘Revdi’ culture?

• Why the word ‘Freebie’ is almost sounds pejorative especially in political and policy circle?

• What goods and services should be selected for Freebie programmes?

• What should be the ideal mode of delivery for Freebie Programmes and Schemes?

• What should be a prudent fiscal limit for funding such programmes?

• What do you understand by the term ‘Subsidy’?

• How the words “Essential” and “Merit “contradicts Freebie Programmes and Schemes?

• What do you understand by the term ‘Production-related incentives’?

• The macroeconomic stability of the Union is contingent on the macroeconomic stability of both the Centre and states-Critically Analyse

• The political dialogue built around freebies is fraught with danger. What ‘danger’ is associated with Freebies scheme?

• How Budget is managed for Freebies schemes and Programmes?

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Battle lines harden as 19 Opp MPs suspended from RS for a week


Preliminary Examination: Indian Polity and Governance

Main Examination: Parliament and State legislatures—structure, functioning, conduct of business, powers & privileges and issues arising out of these

Key Points to Ponder:

• What is the reason for suspending an MP?

• Suspension of 19 MPs-Criteria for Suspension

• What is Rule 256 of Rajya Sabha’s rules of procedure?

• Speaker of Lok Sabha-Role, Powers and Functions

• Chairman of Rajya Sabha – Role, Power and Functions

• What are the Rules under which the Presiding Officer acts?

• Provisions for Suspension of a Member of Parliament- Rules 373, 374, and 374A of the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in Lok Sabha

• The maximum suspension for Rajya Sabha under Rules 255 and 256

• Is suspending an MP a common practice in Parliament?

• Isn’t the barring of an elected representative of the people an extreme step?

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Larger plants, more jobs: Gains of early movers on labour reforms


Preliminary Examination: Economic and Social Development

Main Examination: General Studies III: Inclusive growth and issues arising from it.

Key Points to Ponder:

What’s the ongoing story- A study undertaken by a think tank under the Union Labour Ministry reveals that in states which reformed labour laws, the average plant sizes went up and so did formal employment in the manufacturing sector.

• V. V. Giri National Labour Institute-Know in brief

• What are the key reforms that the study by V.V Giri National Labour Institute looked at?

• Know in detail about key takeaways by V.V Giri National Labour Institute

• Labour falls under the Concurrent List of the Constitution-True or False?

• What are the Labour Laws and Reforms in Labour laws in India?

• National Commission on Labour’s recommendations and its implementation-Know in detail

• Unorganised Workers and Gig Workers-Key Differences?

• The four labour codes are set to replace 29 labour laws-Know in details

• What is the current status of the codes?

• Code on Wages, 2019-Key Provisions

• Industrial Relations Code, 2020-Key Features

• Code on Social Security, 2020-Key Features

• Code on Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions, 2020-Key Features

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Success in curbing smuggling along border after extending BSF jurisdiction: Govt in LS


Preliminary Examination: Current events of national and international importance.

Mains Examination: General Studies III: Security challenges and their management in border areas – linkages of organised crime with terrorism.

Key Points to Ponder:

What’s the ongoing story- Extension of territorial jurisdiction of BSF last year has led to “success in curbing smuggling of drugs and other contraband items” on Punjab border, the government told Lok Sabha on Tuesday.

• What kind of powers can the BSF exercise in this jurisdiction?

• Why and when were these powers given to BSF?

• Why has the government extended the jurisdiction?

• How BSF extended jurisdiction impacts police jurisdiction?

• Border Security Force-Know about in detail

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Arrest must not be used as a punitive tool: SC


Preliminary Examination: Indian Polity and Governance-Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy, Rights Issues, etc.

Mains Examination: General Studies II: Indian Constitution—historical underpinnings, evolution, features, amendments, significant provisions and basic structure.

Key Points to Ponder:

What’s the ongoing story- Noting that the multiple FIRs against AltNews co-founder Mohammed Zubair stemmed from the same set of tweets giving rise to similar offences, the Supreme Court in its order clubbing all the cases against him and granting him bail said that “the machinery of criminal justice has been relentlessly employed against the petitioner” due to which “he is trapped in a vicious cycle of the criminal process where the process has itself become the punishment”.

• The Supreme Court order acknowledged that the ever-greening of custody of an accused through multiple cases in different jurisdictions across states deprives him of his personal liberty-Elaborate further

• Article 22 grants protection to persons who are arrested or detained-know them in detail

• Detention is of two types, namely, punitive and preventive-Know them in detail

• Punitive Detention and Preventive Detention-Compare and Contrast

• Article 22 confers certain rights on a person who is arrested or detained under an ordinary law-What are they?

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Another virus alert


Preliminary Examination: Current events of national and international importance.

Mains Examination: General Studies III: Science and Technology- developments and their applications and effects in everyday life.

Key Points to Ponder:

What’s the ongoing story- Giridhara R Babu writes: It’s a self-limiting disease. But the recent outbreak along with the Covid pandemic should make us think about how best to check zoonotic diseases

For Your Information-A virus belonging to the poxviruses family causes a rare contagious rash illness known as monkeypox. This zoonotic viral disease (a disease transmitted from animals to humans) has hosts that include rodents and primates.

• Monkeypox and Monkeypox virus-Know in detail

• Where has monkeypox occurred before?

• Is monkeypox sexually transmitted?

• What does Monkeypox as a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) mean?

• Viruses-Know their evolution

• What is the difference Between DNA and RNA Viruses?

• Good Viruses and Bad Viruses-Role in Ecosystem, Environment and in Human Body

• Viruses that help and protect-Know about them

• Anthropogenic zoonotic viral transmission-How?

• Virus and Future-Way ahead

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Ranveer Singh’s photoshoot and the laws covering obscenity in India

What’s the ongoing story– Based on a complaint by a Mumbai-based NGO, the Mumbai Police registered an FIR against actor Ranveer Singh on Tuesday (July 26) for sharing photographs from an apparently nude photoshoot that he did with ‘Paper’ magazine.

• What sections of the law have police applied against Ranveer Singh?

• What is the section of the Information Technology Act that Ranveer has allegedly violated?

• Who has been prosecuted for ‘obscenity’ before?

• What is nudity and obscenity?

• What do you mean by vulgarity?

• What makes nudity ‘obscene’ or ‘beauty’ or ‘it is just a beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’?

• How ‘obscene’ and ‘obscenity’ are defined under Indian law? Do they have any definition under Indian Law?

• In 1965, the landmark Ranjit Udeshi judgment of the Supreme Court adopted the Victorian-era Hicklin test- What is ‘Hicklin test’?

• In the Aveek Sarkar v. State of West Bengal, 2014, Supreme Court of India did away with the British Hicklin test and adopted the American Roth test-Why?

• What defines ‘contemporary community standards’?

• “Ranveer Singh as a celebrity or any public figure has more responsibilities towards society”- How far do you agree with this statement?

• What are the ethical issues associated with celebrity endorsing any brands?

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