The Gambian Citizens Seem Unhappy With President Adama Barrow’s Nonchalance

The Gambian Citizens Seem Unhappy With President Adama Barrow’s Nonchalance

Mr. Adama Barrow’s government has earned too much of haters since they took charge. Barrow’s government has put the Gambia in a bad position in terms of the poor economy, unemployment, water crisis, electricity crisis and unethical politics based on birth origin or the tribe.

The recent “boat overturn” that killed more than 64 people including youths, women, and children were neglected by Barrow’s government. After all, he is supposed to maintain the country’s economy at least to not make the people run away from the Gambia. Similarly, Barrow’s actions are continuously displaying his careless stance towards people’s suffering.

Let me remind you of a few notable actions of Mr. Barrow. These incidents can give us the big picture that shows Barrow’s lethargy towards people’s wellness.

Barrow prefers to build his vote bank than saving his fellow citizens.

The “boat disaster” near the Mauritanian-Spanish coast claimed more than 64 Gambian lives. More than 83 others managed to swim to the shores, and they were taken to hospital by the officials for medical attention. The very same day, Barrow was on his nationwide tour, and he was at the coast town of Tanji.

As a people’s leader, he was supposed to react to the incident instantly to the national disaster news from the Spanish officials. He failed to address the nation, and he failed to send a government delegation to the spot to address the plight of the affected Gambians.

Those Gambians who lost their lives trying to flee the country were the victims of a poor economy under his government. As a President, he should have shown some respect or at least regret instantly for what claimed 64 lives. Instead of suspending his political activities, he attended the meeting for the sake of his vote bank.

The Gambian Youth losing hope.

A majority of the Gambian youths voted to Mr. Adama Barrow in the 2016 elections hoping for a better government. However, Barrow’s government failed to improve the economy from unemployment and crisis. In contrary to the promises he made in his campaign, the unemployment rate is making highs constantly.

As a part of the campaign promises, he should step down voluntarily by the end of the third year from the time he took charge.

A president should be honest and ethical in honoring the promises. On top, he should keep the country from protests and demonstrations that affects the whole country. However, the president of the Gambia displays a rather careless attitude in responding to the demonstration.

Watch this space for more shortly.

By S. Badjie-Bajagarr, Banjul.

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