Tensions Run High as GMC Dismisses UDP’s “CONTEMPTUOUS STATEMENT”!

Tensions Run High as GMC Dismisses UDP’s “CONTEMPTUOUS STATEMENT”!

The leadership of the Gambia Moral Congress (GMC), has expressed “extreme concerns” over the United Democratic Party (UDP), Spokesperson’s recent remarks at an interview with the Gambia Talent Promotion, during which he characterised GMC in the worst pejorative of terms and wasted no time to respond to the what it called the impudent comments of the UDP Spokesperson, Almami Fanding Taal.

The Gambia’s GMC political condemned Taal’s comments as highly audacious, irresponsible, reckless and corrosive made against GMC. It is also also demanding an apology from the UDP executive and an end to what is an unprovoked smear campaign.

“This latest arrogant verbal onslaught, without any provocation, is intended to sever that notion, to attract extensive public odium against our Party as well as rubbish the great sacrifice and contribution of both our Party and leadership towards the political evolution of our country”, a release dispatched by the party stated.

GMC did not also hide its dismay at a party it said to have supported during its time of need, saying “It is unfortunate that this loyalty and support was misplaced. While UDP media continuous it’s relentless misinformation campaign against the GMC leadership, our Party continues to prevail over our membership to shun such divisive propensity and not to respond to such desperate provocation”.

It further went on to caution Spokesperson Taal to desist from such slanderous comments, which it condemned in totality.

“Mr. Taal is fond of making uneducated and uninformed statements against allies or potential allies of the UDP, without sanction”.

Gambians are stunned to see how relations have strained between these two parties which where seen as allies for years. This especially began to unfold after Barrow decided to hire Mai Ahmad Fatty of the GMC as his adviser at a time his (Barrow) relationship with the UDP turned sour. Now many UDP faithful including Almamy Taal, are seeing the GMC as more of a threat than an ally.

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