South Africa: What’s Happening In South African News – March 14, 2022

Cape Town —  

Kulula, British Airways Flights Grounded

The South African Civil Aviation Authority has stopped flights by Comair’s low cost airline Kulula, as well as British Airways, with which Comair is a partner, indefinitely, on March 13. The regulator said the airline had not adequately addressed safety issues that includes in the past month,  engine failures, engine malfunction and landing gear malfunctions, among others.

South African Bread Prices Will Soon Feel Impact of Russia, Ukraine Conflict

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is set to hit consumers hard in the coming months with Grain SA economist Luan van der Walt warning of a steep increases in the bread price in the middle of the year. The conflict has pushed wheat prices to its highest level since 2008. The situation is not helped by the weak rand and high fuel prices and will most certainly impact heavily on the poor.

Hello Darlings Alleged Swindler Makes Contact 

Tasneem Moosa, the owner of Hello Darlings, the travel agency that arranged overseas holidays for South Africans and was then accused of stealing hundreds of millions of rand, has said she was “just trying to give South Africans good holidays”.  Thousands of people were desperately looking for Moosa – who is facing criminal charges for allegedly defrauding people who had paid her for trips to the Maldives and Dubai. Moosa says she hasn’t “skipped the country” as reported.

Need Some Stress Relief? Try Laughter Yoga!

Laughter Yoga, IOL’s Jasmina Jacobs reports, is an exercise programme founded on the concept that people can laugh without relying on jokes, comedy or even a sense of humour.

According to yoga teacher Tove Kane: “We have to take laughter seriously if we want to survive the stress of modern life. Try it, breathe in, hold, then laugh ha ha. You’d be surprised at how the body can laugh when the mind thinks it’s foolish.”


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