Serekunda Primary School about to re-introduce its tuition fees after 22 long years

Serekunda Primary School about to re-introduce its tuition fees after 22 long years

We have got the recent news regarding the tuition fees of Serekunda Primary School. Not to mention, Serekunda is the biggest among the basic secondary schools in all of Gambia.

The recent consensus between the parent body and the school administration signals that the tuition fee of Serekunda primary school is about to be re-introduced. Its been 22 years since the pupil of this school paid tuition fee.

Worrisome condition of the school

The school’s infrastructure, building, and furniture were in their worst condition. It could be remembered, a year back the images of the school with the worst infrastructure and classrooms went viral on social media. On the other hand, those images got the attention of the ex-students.

As a consequence, those ex-students jumped into action and launched “gofundme” programs to rectify the problem. As we all know, a huge number of students have graduated from this school in the past. Notably, many of those students have got themselves placed at the best places in government offices and several other sectors.

The beginning

Serekunda is the largest municipality in the Gambia, and Serekunda basic secondary school is at the heart of the location. Unfortunately, this is the school that’s going to take the first hit of the tuition fees re-introduction.

Parents of the under-privileged students express their discontent feeling about the re-introduction of tuition fees. Also, they are the ones who bemoan about the high cost of education during Barrow’s government.

However, the reactions of the parents are not so welcoming. Given the economic stress, Gambians would never welcome such a change that stretch their monthly expenses.

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