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I’m Seedy Mballow,

I ran for Councillor in Basse, The Gambia.

I’m also the the mother of Sera-Deema Kompine

I guess you might have heard of it.

So… We in Upper River region (URR) do not
have any problems.

URR is a place where you know… we have no
problems…..God Knows the truth.

URR is a place where the APRC is well loved.
Everyone can confirm this too as you can see.

The region love President Jammeh and the APRC
so much.

This is simply because Babili Mansa Did a
lot for Basse and URR and only God can reward


that’s why whatever the case even in his absense,
URR we will remain loyal and will make sure

that we follow Babili Mansa 100% because we’re
APRC loyalists.

I can tell you this Haddy, Almost all the
political leaders in the Gambia are from Upper

River Region (URR).

….That is exactly what I’m about to ask

Yes Thank you.

Thank you.
Still now, You didn’t mention the topic yet

but I’m gonna touch it a little bit.

…Yes Seedy But still I’d like to ask you
or let me call you Councillor,,,,

So councillor tell me,


you said that all political leaders came from
that region how do you survive how do you

survive in this scenario is now? What are
your challenges?

ok thank you asking me that question I will
answer that right now very clearly.

yes you are right almost all of the Gambian
political party leaders came from there

but what we can still you as you can see in
action is we are loyal.

We’re can not fooled or phased by money,

…a lot of things has been said but our royalty
means the same no amount of money can fool

us for us is President Jammeh we see here
in the Gambia every day when we wake up with

see the APRC Party and Babili.


I can say that with all the political parties
that are currently in the Gambia today.

I can say, Mama Kandeh is from there,

President adama Barrow is from there,

Mai Fatty is from there,

Sidia Jatta is from there

So we have a lot of political party leaders
who came from there.

but still for us here in the URR,

we never look at that

we see the Gambia

And We see only President Yahya Jammeh.

And by the grase of almighty God and whereever
Babili is, he’ll know that we’re real and


we don’t follow money, if it was money, and
if it was for money, we would have gone ever


I Seedy Mballow, leader to the times just
before I ran for councillor, That time UKK

was very tough.

because… at that time, because you could
bring in people,

it was challenging

we face definitely faced such difficaulties.

until today

the entire URR are united

at the moment, all we see is The Gambia, Yahya
Jammeh and the APRC party.

So we from Basse (The Gambia) are saying to
the APRC national executives,

under the leadership of Fabakary Tombong Jatta
and all that follows the APRC party

we greet you and thank you all so much for
your great work. A yes councillor, now that

we are approaching the elections right now,

and as you already know, all regions in the
Gambia right now are preparing for the elections

all are preparing and talking to their people,

now let me said if I may ask you, for those
of you who are currently living there,

you see, 95% of the current political leaders
from Basse.

So if I may ask you what are your plans your
plans for the upcoming elections in December

2021 in the Gambia?

For Basse and URR, come December 2021 elections
in the Gambia, be assured that victory belongs

to Yahya jammeh Babili Mansa in the name of
Almighty God.

That is my promise to Babili Mansa and all
APRC followers.

so that’s why we are encouraging people to
go out there and get their documents … because

without an ID card be able to secure a voters

because apparently, I heard that without without
an ID card you will not be able to get voters


So if you have the age of 18, please to get
a voters card to get your documents in order.

this is how we can get APRC back to State
House, in Banjul.


this is another question that I would like
to ask can you tell me how you got travel

to here from Basse today because it’s very

can you tell me what motivated you to take
this long journey in order to attend the women’s

rally here in Brikama?

what were the challenges that you and your
entourage faced?

Thank God, We’ll show you that we’re dead
APRC supports.

and even beyond tomorrow, we remain APRC and
Yahya Jammeh

we paid for our own journey when we were coming

we hired 5 GELE-GELE (wagons) that brought
us here

we gonna show everyone that we’re 100% APRC.


so councillor, it is right to suggest that
and like you said before in Basse URR, many

people may have defected to other parties
but at this right moment they are coming back

home in their numbers..


the situation made a lot of people to defect
to Barrow and his 2016 coalition government.

because they thought after lost the previous
election, and during the impasse,

some of those people thought that they were
gonna get what they during the APRC government.

we are going to do everything possible now
because everybody is coming back and this

is a very good.

What are closing remarks?

my last comments will be to say my warmest
greeting and gratitude to all of APRC party

and all that were able o make to this rally
or not, I’m sayig a massive thank you to you

all at GAMBIA TV | GM24 TV. Much love to Basse
URR and all Gambians.

Laughs…. )


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