Sashi Brown Ony Second Black NFL Team President, Lauds Ravens Diversity

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Sashi Brown is only the second Black team president in the NFL, and he is proud of the Ravens’ commitment to diversity. 

However, Brown believes more work is needed in this area, not just in the NFL, but in other industries. 

“That’s a big, complicated topic, and the first thing I would say is we just shouldn’t be here; we shouldn’t be here in 2022,” Brown said. “And being only the second African American … We still haven’t had a woman whose, at this point, ascended, although I think there’s probably some arguments there’s been one or two that haven’t had exactly that title. And we need to do better, Wall Street needs to do better, and the NFL is no different. But I would say, throughout my career, I’ve looked to Baltimore as a place that, through [executive vice president] Ozzie [Newsome] and the model that he represented here, and others – [former offensive coordinator] Jim Caldwell – who have come through here that have taken some positions [where] you didn’t see Brown, Black faces in, [and] not only take those positions, but excel at championship levels and win those titles, has been a tremendous example. 


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