Poor Recruitment Processes of African Political Parties

Poor Recruitment Processes of African Political Parties

Political parties are the ones that rule the nations across the world. They are the ones who work closely with the people and the government authorities. Having said that, it is highly critical for them to recruit efficient and smart people in their team. Every member of a political party is a potential future leader of the local and national assemblies.

You could have seen news about the inefficient activities and failures of politicians in social media. Likewise, right from the bribery to the scams, you could have heard about many cases where politicians and the members of political parties are involved.

Apart from illegal and criminal activities, poor recruitment processes of political parties deliver a few other negative impacts to the nation and for themselves. Let’s learn about those.

Incompetent and Confused Candidates

Firstly, every candidate should know about the job and the responsibilities of their designation. Candidates who are well versed with the guidelines, rules, and regulations are the ones who can deliver great results.

Having said that, poor recruitment processes of African political parties bring in confused and inefficient candidates into the system. Poor screening processes mean less-qualified people get the job. Those candidates may not be talented enough to grasp things easily. Consequently, those candidates may not keep themselves up to the roles and responsibilities.

Lack of productivity

Just like other countries, African countries should keep up with their earnings to improve the lifestyle of their citizens. Further, earnings and productivity are critical for a nation to maintain a sustainable system in the country. Incompetent candidates struggle a lot to keep themselves in line with their responsibilities. As a consequence, they miss out on the productivity of the government.

Precisely, a person who never traveled on a local bus may not know how to improve transportation and the profits from them. Likewise, candidates with poor knowledge end up screwing the productive measures that develop the nation’s growth.

Lowering the chances of the victory

Inefficient and incompetent candidates earn disrespect and bad name among the citizens of their constituency. As a result, people start thinking bad about the candidate’s political party. The same will influence the people not to vote for the ruling party on further elections.

Similarly, the poor performance of the candidate means less satisfactory development measures. In some cases, even the basic welfare schemes fail to serve the people due to the inefficiency of the candidate. People won’t vote for political parties which fails to improve the standards and lifestyle of the people.

Bad decisions deliver bad results

Successful reform activities and development projects would fetch goodwill and fame for the party and the candidate. History says “sound knowledge and experience is a must to make good policy decisions that help and support the lives of ordinary people”.

Inefficient candidates make bad decisions while making policies and welfare schemes. Negative events and incompetent actions bring bad name and shame to the party and the candidate.


A political party may be very old with a great history. If the recruitment process of the political party is weak, then it will impact the growth of the party and the nation. Undeniably, African political parties should consider their recruitment processes.

Poor recruitment processes of African political parties is the number killer for development.


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