Opinion: Adama Barrow Getting On The Nerve Of Gambian Citizens And Politicians

Opinion: Adama Barrow Getting On The Nerve Of Gambian Citizens And Politicians

It turns out to be a shock for the Gambians to see Mr. Barrow launching his political party. Mr. Adama Barrow, the president of the Gambia has recently launched his political party in Banjul. How do you phrase it? Is it brilliance? Or is it betrayal? Clearly, he is making a statement to the country.

Now with his political party, he seems to be not part of the coalition which helped him to secure his position as the president of Gambia. Now, he is the leader of his National People’s Party (NPP).

th gambia president adama barrow forms new political party

Document with IEC letter head suggests Gambia president Adama Barrow forms new political party called NPP

Recap of Barrow’s unethical political play

This little recap of Barrow’s pre and post-election moves clearly highlights his guileful plans to gain political and financial power. Barrow was just a real estate rent collector, ex Argos door man in UK and failed alleged bogus asylum-seeking-deportee from Germany. His initial political debut to become a National Assembly Member (NAM) was a failure until he accidentally got into the presidential game before the 2016 election.

Barrow earned the support of the coalition to become the presidential candidate (flag-bearer) in 2016. It happened that way, solely because Mr. Ousainou Darboe was not available to contest at that time. Darboe is the leader of UDP that contributed the vote to make Barrow the president of Gambia.

Darboe was not available at the time of coalition arrangements because he was going through some legal issues.
Everyone knows about the coalition agreement that Mr. Barrow signed before taking oath as the president of Gambia.

He failed to resign after the end of three years which was a clear case of dishonesty.

Last year, Mr Barrow sacked the leader of UDP from his Vice-president position. Besides, two of the UDP ministers were also removed from their positions.

By now, a part of the coalition partners agreed on his decision to serve as the president until the end of five years.

Finally, he has launched his political party to prepare for the next election.

Just look at his journey from a real estate rent collector, ex Argos door man in UK and failed alleged bogus asylum-seeking-deportee from Germany to the president of the Gambia. All full of false commitments, luring, and unethical actions just to secure money and political power.

Corruption, revenge socio-economic degrowth and systemic manipulation


semelex president barrow immigration officer at id card issuing sessions

Gambian President Barrow, immigration officers attends id card issuing sessions

The “covert schemes” and contracts right from the nation’s ID card management to the temporary electricity generation and adverse environmental negligence give us a clear picture of  Coalition 2016 government’s destructive policies.

Government officials and his party politicians keep looting people’s tax money and the nation’s income in the form of travel bills and peculiar expenses.

Government-backed college and schools have started taking fees from poor Gambian students. NO-FEES-NO-EDUCATION!

Serekunda Primary School about to re-introduce its tuition fees after 22 long years

Schools about to re-introduce its tuition fees.

People of Gambia are struggling to feed their families, and now they are forced to pay the school fee despite their struggle.

Several parts of the country suffer from power-cuts and water scarcity. Large chunk of the national power grid has been out sourced to foreign providers with little or no noticeable improvements.
NAWEC, the state owned National Water & Electricity Company has been weakened due to lack control over the grid system.
Their income is badly hit because the potential revenue has been diverted to foreign suppliers.

Gambia power supply crises. newec - ka power

Gambian National Water & Electricity Company NAWEC – Engineers at work.

These foreign owned “power generators” are looting NAWEC’s profits. Question: how can NAWEC efficiently meet its full capacity supply if they don’t get the money to do it?

You are been made to believe that the current electricity and water problems hitting the Gambian people is the fault of NAWEC.

Sorry to say this but the fact of the matter is that, it’s because of the decisions made by Mr. Barrow and his “defunct Coalition 2016” government. They sold off our national grid system leaving NAWEC almost bankrupt. They can not properly run the services if the bill payments are diverted to a competitor.

barrow and darboe gambia

Exchanging files – Barrow and Darboe, Gambia – with western counterpart

Would it be fair to suggest that they are systematically starving and crippling NAWEC financially so that they (NAWEC) won’t be able to function?

NAWEC will collapse as company and the foreign companies will offer the solutions to the problems they created in the first place?

So they can finally be the primary electricity and water supplier in the Gambia???…by squeezing NAWEC out?

Youths experiencing the most painful days of their life due to unemployment. News after news about the deaths of Gambian youth on their journey to Europe shows Mr. Barrow leads the government towards failure.

Barrow’s government went on revenge mode after taking charge. His government and coalition partners were keen on seeking revenge against the former regime.

It looked so patriotic when it all started. But, they failed to take constructive and productive actions to improve the country’s economy while on their revenge operations.

Key people and properties of the ex-presidency are the primary targets.

Barrow’s government has committed verifiable horrendous crimes against humanity synonymous to those they’re currently accusing the former government of, but it is craftily glossed over with help from some international bodies, western diplomats, biased local and international right wing media.

ex president Jammeh's supporters targeted, beaten, brutally hurt by EU backed coalition government of Adama barrow. Woman and Baby - no one was charged

Ex President Jammeh’s supporters targeted, beaten, brutally hurt by EU backed coalition government of Adama Barrow. APRC woman and Baby badly wounded after attack – no one was charged for this assault!

The Barrow coalition’s primary method of  gaining public support seems to be a consistent pattern of : odd use of shock, fear mongering, slander, false accusations, blatant discrimination, tribalism, unethical commissions and fake news against the former presidency, his family,close allies and associates.

Other micro-regressive means are also among the many ways they go about governing the Gambia.

Many Gambians are of the view that this is how they do to mask or deflect public attention from their own criminals acts! 

The Gambian citizen’s painful lives are ignored in the process as the days and nights progress by-and-by.

The government failed badly in saving people from dying due to adverse poverty, poor education services and inferior medical facilities in government hospitals.

These actions indicate the lack of sense of self-worth and patriotism in Mr. Barrow and his (seemingly defunct) “coalition” government.

People won’t forget their bad days

President of Gambia - Barrow on chinese golden furniture

President of Gambia – Barrow on golden furniture.

Barrow’s dishonesty is the best example of his real character. He may be cunning or brilliant in playing dirty or cynical politics, but people won’t forget their despair due to his lack of love for the Gambian people.

He doesn’t seem to be realising his mistakes. It seems he won’t realise as long as he remains the president of the Gambia. Now, we have to wait until the people walk into the poll booth in the next election. Then, we will see the true patriotism of the Gambian people!

By Y.E Jarju
2.0@gm24tv – Gambian weapon of mass communication.

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