Mbuso Mandela’s girlfriend denies abuse claims

The grandson of Nelson Mandela and Evyln Mase has once again made headlines, this time after admitting to being abusive towards his girlfriend.

Taking to social media, the 31-year-old son of Makgatho Mandela shared a video with his followers where he admitted to being an abusive partner to his girlfriend.

Mbuso deleted the video from his social media page, but he was too late, as his followers had already taken screen recordings of the video to share on other social media platforms.

In the video, he details the recent abusive incident which allegedly took place in their home. This was said to have resulted in him pushing his girlfriend’s head through a window, and strangling her.

“My name is Mbuso Mandela, and I am a woman abuser. I put my girlfriend’s head through the window and through the trellidor, and I strangled her.

“She needs me to admit it so I am admitting it. In front of everybody. To everybody,” said Mandela in the video.

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Social media users wasted no time in leaving comments under the video expressing how disgusted they were by his actions.

It was also noted how Mbuso looks intoxicated in the video.

Soon after Mbuso became a trending topic, his girlfriend shared a video dressed in only a bra and panty to show that she had no marks or bruises.

His girlfriend sought to assure everyone she was not abused by Mandela, and that their argument did not lead to a physical fight.

“I’m doing this video just to show to you guys that he did not abuse me. As you can see there are no bruises. My face is fine.

“Not too sure where he had my head through a trellidor, but I’m pretty sure it would have been swollen. There’s the trellidor, no marks.

“You will notice that there is a small blue mark over there, but that happened maybe Thursday when I was at Saint.

“Bumped into a person, and got a blue mark, and I bruise easily,” said Mbuso’s girlfriend.


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