Mai Fatty Apologises To The People Of Foni For His Misleading Remarks Following The Killing Of Late Haruna Jatta

Mai Fatty Apologises To The People Of Foni For His Misleading Remarks Following The Killing Of Late Haruna Jatta

The ex Special Advisor to Gambia’s President Adama Barrow has offered his apology to the people of Foni for his misleading statement in the aftermath of the Kanilai peaceful demonstration in June 2017.

Mai Fatty who was interior minister by the time of the Kanilai shooting made this apology Friday during a press conference organized by his political party the Gambia Moral Congress to shed light on some of the reasons why he resigned from the minority Coalition Government led by Adama Barrow.

It was in June 2017 when Senegalese peacekeeping forces stationed in Kanilai by EU and ECOWAS allegedly shot and killed Haruna Jatta and severely injuring 8 other protesters.

The villagers were on the outskirts of Kanilai village while moving towards neighbouring Kanfenda village to peacefully express concern and demand for the de-militarization of occupying forces from the Kanilai and the and surrounding villages.

On the evening that followed, then Interior Minister Fatty appeared before state television to give an account of the incident in which he narrated that protesters were armed with “TRADITIONAL WEAPONS” a claim that was later proven to be an absolute fabrication as evidently proven by video footage and footographs taken during protest.

Mr Fatty was later reappointed into a newly created “Special Advisory” role under the purview of the office of the President months after his dismissal from his earlier ministerial position in 2018, blaming his intelligence sources for giving him the “wrong picture of the incident”, an account of which he used to go public in a televised statement red on government’s behalf by him.

The former advisor is the latest high profile Presidential Aide to have tendered their resignations.

Mai sounded remorseful, apologetic and expressed regret over misleading remarks he made on the televised statement in which he finger-waggingly threatened that Foni people will either “obey the law or be consumed by the law”.

Kanilai is the home village of ex Gambian President Yahya Jammeh who was replaced following the disputed elections in December 2016.

His home village was later invaded and occupied by a heavy deployment of soldiers following his vacation to Equatorial Guinea on January 22nd 2017.

The sub-regional forces from three sister ECOWAS countries namely Nigeria, Senegal and Ghana were deployed to instil peace in the tiny West African state and were deployed to various areas across the country.

It later emerge that Kanilai and Foni in general, as disclosed by the then ECOMIG Mission’s Ghanian spokesman Lt Col Laite, that those Senegalese forces stationed in the Foni area and who brutalized villagerss in the region including seizing their woodlogs, were in fact not part of the ECOWAS / EU / UN mandate.

This has raised insecurities and worrying concerns in those Gambian communities.

What bilateral deal, Gambian President Adama Barrow must have agreed with his Senegalese compatriot Macky Sall will be looked into on a separate article.

It could be recalled, the Senegalese soldiers had multiple incidents with Gambian soldiers in Kanilai weeks before the shooting of unarmed protesters took place. One of which happened in an alleged confrontation orchestrated by Senegalese soldiers who had attempted to forcefully enter the vicinity of ex President Jammeh’s property where Gambian Security Personel were on guard.
The provocation resulted in a shooting by the Senegalese which led to three Gambian soldiers sustaining serious injuries.

GM24 will bring you reactions by Foninkas to Mai Fatty’s apology.

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