Lavish Travel Bills by Barrow’s Government in the Gambia

Lavish Travel Bills by Barrow’s Government in the Gambia

It seems the travels of government officials to foreign countries are a common way to gain money. Government officials claim the expenses they incur during their official trips.

The Gambian President’s office announced cuts that reduce the government-sponsored travel expenses of their officials. But the way the government officials behave proves it otherwise. Especially, the travel-related expenses keep hitting new highs in the recent past.

Violations or plundering?

Diwali festival today --- barrow porg, lavish life style

The finance and economic affairs of the Gambia has stopped the travel expenses on a few officials to bring down the cost last year.

A week back, the Gambian government banned the ceremonies which used to happen at the airports while the president leaves or enter the country, Barrow’s government in the Gambia keeps spending on travel and travel-related things while announcing cuts on travel-related expenses.

Expensive travel expenses in the recent past

adama barrow - gamia most corrupt president

Lavish Travel Bills by Barrow’s Government in the Gambia

The vice president and the First lady of the Gambia were accompanied by a big team of officials on their trip to the UN general assembly which was held in the United States of America.

tribalist gambia vice president isatou touray lying at the country's national assembly...

The criticism by the Gambians on social media could be recalled by everyone, the number of criticizing posts was at its peak at that time.

Recently, President Adama Barrow attended the African-Russian summit with more than 25 government officials along with him. The minister revealed that the Gambian government has spent close to $4 Million in the last six months solely on travel. Gambian people don’t seem to be happy as the government spending on travel being lavish.

Travel expenses lead to financial woes


The coalition-backed Gambian government doesn’t seem to care about the financial woes that need attention. $4 million spent on travel expenses is simply a blunder by the government officials.

Traveling in groups is not needed for UN general assembly and business summits. If the non-stop spending continues, then only God can save the country from the deepening financial crisis.

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