Latest Leak Scandal as Documents Uncover Over 464 Unvarified Workers Under the Gambian Government Payroll!

Latest Leak Scandal as Documents Uncover Over 464 Unvarified Workers Under the Gambian Government Payroll!

Corruption Has Struck Again!

Corruption has become a matter of religious celebration in the Gambia’s minority government as various quarters of the government have decided to spearhead these nefarious activities. All thanks to the leadership of his excellency President Adama Barrow!

In the latest scandal rocking the government, the Personnel Management Unit of the Gambian government has revealed over 464 unvarified staff suspected to be willfully included in the state payroll in a bid to allegedly divert and misuse states’ resources.

This news is coming barely 10 days after some intercepted documents revealed an unprecedented massive corruption in the statehouse. This is a situation where members of  the public, staff of the office of the president and some ministries allegedly received about three thousand state diplomatic passport.

This development witnessed public outcry, where so many described the act as the height of corruption and abuse of office in the statehouse. Ministers such as the former vice president Ousainou Darboe, Hamat Bah (Minister of Tourism), and several others who were discovered to possess more than one diplomatic passport with different identification numbers.

Latest Leak Scandal as Documents Uncover Over 400 Ghost Workers under the Gambian Government Payroll

Of course, you have not seen it all as another shocking wave of corruption has revealed the ineptitude and incapacity of  President Adama Barrow-led “Paralysed Coalition” to control the affairs of government.

The latest investigation and staff audit conducted by the PMO between May 27th and July 7th, 2019, revealed over 464 staff whose names have been spuriously excluded from the list.

These recent events have led to the public vote of no confidence in the dysfunctional administration of President Barrow. Many have said it is not a surprise, as they never expected much from the recent administration.

In recent weeks, parliament moved to give the president benefit of doubt to appear at the floor of the legislature for clarifications regarding the “state of the nation” address.

However, President Barrow has failed to honor such invitations. Political Savvy and pundits have seen this as an apparent attempt by the president to avoid questions relating to these scandals.

The parliament, in response, decided to suspend all activities until the president either appear before the floor or send his vice, Isatou Touray, as a representative.

All searchlights are currently turned on to see how many more this administration has hidden in its shelf to prove its incapacity to deliver its mandate to the people of Gambia.


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