LaConco finally opens up about her marriage to Jacob Zuma

The first episode of season two of the Real Housewives of Durban is out, and while the introductions were as boring as boring can be, LaConco all but made up for it by being open about her relationship and getting vulnerable on screen. 

If you thought questions about her relationship had stayed behind with season one, you were sorely mistaken.

Early on in this week’s episode, newlywed Annie Mthembu caught up with ​​Sorisha Naidoo and said that LaConco is single. 

“I don’t know if she is who she says she is or who she pretends to be. I don’t know if that makes sense…?” said Annie. 

Sorisha then told her that she had a meeting planned with LaConco and expressed her hopes about finding out what is really going on. 

Later in the Real Housewives of Durban episode, an emotional LaConco opened up about her relationship status after a barrage of questions from her fellow castmates and fans. 

“The position I am in… I found love and I stayed true to that love. Unfortunately, there were people who had an interest in that love and made it a public thing when it was not my intention,” she said to Sorisha. 

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She then explained she had accepted the circumstances of having a relationship under so much public scrutiny, but was later disappointed to find that she would be a single mother of sorts, relying on her mother’s help to raise her son. 

“I never fell in love… to be at this situation I am at today.”

She said that the emotional scars she has from how her marriage to former president Jacob Zuma unfolded are scars that she does not think will ever heal. 

Enter Londie London

This episode of Real Housewives of Durban also introduced us to new castmate Londie London, who opened up about struggling with how her body looked right up until she made it to university, where people helped her find the beauty in her figure.

We also got introduced to Jojo Robinson, who was understandably nervous to make her debut into a new group of women whom she said she has heard “things” about. 

Nonku tried to redeem herself after her disaster of a wine tasting last season, but her event didn’t get off to a great start.

This is because the host was off in her bedroom adding finishing touches to her look while her guests tried to figure out what to do and where to go at her party. 

Nonku’s friend Thobeka made an appearance at her party after being scarce during season one of the show. 

LaConco was amused by her appearance, as Thobeka had previously told her that she wants nothing to do with the other Real Housewives of Durban castmates or the show. 

Nonku eventually emerged from her bedroom only to have her mom take over her lunch and welcome her guests in a not-so-welcoming manner. 

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Lunchtime conversation quickly turned to the topic of Annie’s wedding, which her friend Londie said she was upset about not being invited to. 

Despite being upset, the pair quickly moved past the topic. 

Nonku and her mom then spoke to LaConco about what went down at the RHOD Season 1 reunion, when the pair demanded that inhlawulo (damages) be paid for Nonku’s daughter by Ayanda Ncwane, as it was her late husband, Sifiso, that fathered Nonku’s child.

Despite being the offending party, Nonku stated that she was hurt by Ayanda’s reaction to the request. 

Based on the preview of upcoming episodes, things are set to get interesting as the other ladies address Nonku’s mom’s behaviour, delve deeper into LaConco’s relationship status, and Thobile Khumalo and Musa Mseleku make their Real Housewives of Durban debut. 

The first episode of Real Housewives of Durban is currently available to stream on Showmax. Click here to stream RHOD Season 2. 


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