‘Kids have been asking about it’

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to hold the attention of the world — and local students — as the escalation of the conflict in eastern Europe shows little sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Not surprisingly, discussions held in Danbury-area classrooms on the unfolding crisis take different forms at different age levels, and in different school districts; but from preschool to the college level, the flood of news reports, images, and videos on all aspects of the conflict makes the opportunity for engagement on the matter hard to avoid all together.

“Even for the most media conscious households, our youngest students may likely be exposed to this news from television and social media platforms,” Brookfield Superintendent John Barile said in a letter to parents last week.

Included in his letter, Barile offered resources to parents to help guide conversations with their children at home and laid out parameters for how the district’s schools would approach discussions in the classroom.


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