Kelly Khumalo spills the beans about Senzo Meyiwa’s parents, fans react

After becoming the topic of conversation once again when the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial kicked off, actress, singer, reality star and businesswoman Kelly Khumalo has decided to contribute to the conversation on her own terms and she has a lot to say.

The first episode of the third season of her reality show, Life With Kelly Khumalo, kicked off on Wednesday and fans have been reacting  – via social media – to everything she said.

One of those things is that Kelly believes she got saddled with “the sh*ttiest in-laws ever.”

In a catch-up conversation with her friend, musician Wanda Baloyi at Sandton’s Alto234 bar, she talks about her social media Mother’s Day wish from her ex Jub Jub (Molemo Maarohanye).

She quoted the message he posted to Wanda, before showing her response to it, which was simply the middle finger.

“This is what annoys me, some slay queen with a big bum DMs me to say that ‘oh, Molemo is my friend, all he talks about is his son and I hope you find it in your heart to just allow him to prove himself’, and I’m like ‘who the fu** are you?’”

The conversation then moved to the Netflix documentary about the events surrounding Senzo’s murder and Kelly told Wanda that she had been called and asked to be part of it. 

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“This is not my documentary. This documentary is about Senzo… Like if you have your daughter’s grandmother saying that she went to the witch doctor to get rid of me… ha!”

When asked, by Wanda, about what she thought that was about, the reality star said that she felt as though it wasn’t about her.

She also revealed that she denied the request by the documentary makers to use her music in their project. 

A still from the trailer for ‘Life With Kelly Khumalo’ season three | Picture: Screenshot

“What caught my eye more than anything else is Senzo’s mother saying that she went to the witch doctor to get rid of me. How were you going to get rid of me? I am a child of the Gods, when you attempt to ‘get rid of me’ it comes back to you.”

“She was projecting because her husband cheated on her so she decided to take it upon herself to go and fight these battles, the wife’s battles,” said Kelly matter-of-factly in reference to Senzo’s mother and wife. 

“Once you enter a spiritual war and spiritual realm, you don’t know what the other party’s spiritual wars are,” responded Wanda.

“Spiritually you can’t touch me, it is that clear!” declared Kelly.

In an effort to understand where Senzo’s mother may have been coming from, Wanda posited that Senzo’s mother may have done what she did thinking that she was protecting her son, to which Kelly responded: “protect him from a woman that was taking care of him?”

“To her, you are not a woman that is taking care of him, you are the opposite,” responded Wanda.

Kelly then revealed that she had been financially taking care of Senzo as he was giving every cent he earned each month to his family.

kelly khumalo enca interview
Kelly Khumalo speaking at a private event ahead of the launch of ‘Life With Kelly Khumalo’ season three | Picture: Supplied

“They never loved him, he was a cash cow, you know what that woman said when Senzo passed on? ‘Who is going to feed us?’ Your son is dead, the only thing you’re thinking about is flipping food.”

“You know the worst thing? They don’t know that they have had my money before,” added Kelly. 

When asked if she had attempted to meet with the family to find common ground, Kelly said none of them attempted to do so. Only one of Senzo’s sisters who Kelly says later turned on her is the only Meyiwa who reached out to her.

Kelly said she would let it be known to her daughter that the Meyiwa family wanted nothing to do with her and they even went so far as to deny her paternity. As did Jub Jub’s mother with Kelly’s son, Christian, who resembles his father.  

kelly khumalo family
Kelly Khumalo, her mother and her children Christian and Thingo at a private event ahead of the launch of ‘Life With Kelly Khumalo’ season three | Picture: Supplied

This after she addressed the matter in an interview with 702 host Relebogile Mabotja, where she labelled the outcome of Senzo’s case as yet another failure of the South African justice system. 


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