Just Stop Oil continues to block critical oil facilities

For the fifth day in a row, supporters of Just Stop Oil have disrupted oil supplies from critical oil facilities in support of their demand that the UK government end new oil and gas projects in the UK. 

A group of approximately 20 people sat down in the road with banners at the gate to the Kingsbury Oil terminal in Warwickshire, causing tankers to be turned away.

More than 200 people have been arrested since Friday as protests at oil terminals enter the fifth day. Those remaining are either glued or locked on.


Today’s actions follow the launch of the third part of the IPCC’s landmark Sixth Assessment Report yesterday during which UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutterres said: 

“Climate activists are sometimes depicted as dangerous radicals. But the truly dangerous radicals are the countries that are increasing the production of fossil fuels.” 

Thalia Carr, 60 from Oxfordshire who is on the road at Kingbury this morning said: “The IPCC said yesterday that nobody is taking action.

“We need to avoid wars, starvation, and billions of refugees which will be the inevitable result of a broken climate with multiple extreme weather events… and yet, no one is doing anything on the scale and at the speed we need.” 

Yesterday’s IPCC working group report warned that coal must be effectively phased out if the world is to stay within 1.5C. Yet the government’s plans for new fossil fuel infrastructure would push temperatures over 1.5C.  

Yet at least 40 new fossil fuel projects are in the UK’s pipeline, a report revealed days before the country hosted COP26.


The IPCC report also mentioned that methane emissions must be reduced by a third. And whilst preserving soils and planting trees is a step in the right direction, it won’t be enough to mitigate the effects of climate change. 

In the first section published last August, the report warned that human changes to climate change would be irreversible – a ‘business as usual approach to climate breakdown could create catastrophic impacts. 

Claudia Penna Rojas, 24, a student, from Latin America said:

“The UN Secretary-General said yesterday that the world was on a fast track to climate disaster, so why then is the UK government planning to license over 40 new oil fields?  

“The reality is that everything good, all that we love, the lives of our children…are all at stake. The need for large-scale, radical civil resistance has never been more urgent. This is the fight for our lives and we all need to be a part of it. It’s the only chance we’ve got.”


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