John Oliver Calls Out Developer’s ‘Monumentally Stupid’ Reaction To Drought

John Oliver rained jokes and commentary on the Southwest’s record drought on “Last Week Tonight” Sunday. (Watch the video below.)

The host noted that the region was the most-parched in ages and that managing water was critical. So naturally, when the comedian showed a news segment about a proposed luxury housing development surrounding a 20-acre surfing lagoon in the California desert ― one of several wave-riding oases under consideration ― he was a tad peeved.

“That is just monumentally stupid,” he said.

OIiver snidely proposed ways the surfing lagoon could “go even further,” like “a wall of constantly flushing toilets, a hose that runs all day in the middle of a concrete parking lot, and of course” a man the show pays “to dump buckets of water on himself all day.”

Let Oliver quench your thirst for knowledge about the water shortage right here:


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