‘I love him for who he is’

For months, TV presenter, actress and rapper Boity Thulo and actor Anton Jeftha have had people asking “are they or aren’t they” due to the fact that they call each other besties and not lovers. 

This is despite the fact that they have been spotted on several occasions looking like two people in a romantic relationship. 

After months of speculation, fans can safely say “they are” after they went on a New Year’s safari trip to Mhondoro Safari Lodge and invited SABC3’s ‘The Insider’ along for the ride. 

In the show’s insert, the pair spoke about their relationship as a friendship and touched on their career plans for the new year while relaxing out in the wild and getting up close and personal with some of the best game living at the lodge.  

Boity and Anton Jeftha on The Insider on SABC3 | Picture: Screenshot

According to Boity and Anton, they fell for each other after realising what a similar sense of humour and taste in music they share. 

For Anton, it is this shared sense of humour and their ability to pick up on “the jokes that often get lost in the moment” that has him feeling the way he feels about his bestie Boity. 

After seeing Boity gush about who Anton is and how much she enjoys his company, it is easy to understand why she also considers her lover her bestie. 

“I love him for who he is,” she said, before they playfully pretended to kiss each other before sharing an actual kiss. 

“Thank you for agreeing to this,” said Boity, to which Anton playfully replied, “Thank you for inviting me.”

At the risk of overusing the word, there truly is a playfulness about the pair that makes it clear why they insist on referring to each other as “bestie”.

boity and anton jeftha
Boity and Anton Jeftha on The Insider on SABC3 | Picture: Screenshot

On the topic of their careers, going forward, Boity spoke about her love for relaxation and how she believes in the new shift away from hustle culture.

The rapper no longer subscribes to the “Go! Go! Go” mentality of always working and always having something going on. These days, she is all about R&R&R (rest, relaxation and riches). 

2022 will be all about enjoying leisure time for Boity. 

Describing herself as someone who never plans anything beyond three months, the rapper said she also has her sights on things that are “growing rapidly” – Amapiano music, cryptocurrency and NFTs. And added that fans can expect to see her venture into those things in the near future. 

Anton would simply like to work on bigger budget productions and spend more time working between South Africa and the United States (namely Los Angeles) as he has done in the past. 

The Insider usually loads their episodes on YouTube a few days after they air on TV so the episode should be live on YouTube soon.  Alternatively, you can wait for the episode to air on Saturday at 1pm on SABC3 (DStv channel 193).

Boity and Anton
Boity and Anton Jeftha on The Insider on SABC3 | Picture: Screenshot


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