‘I am now Liverpool’s No.1 fan’

Another relationship we have to talk about is yours with the manager. How much have you enjoyed working with Jürgen and how has he helped you as a player and as a person too?

Yeah, sure, I think since day one [when] I spoke with him to join Liverpool FC I think we had a really, really, really good relationship and [he is] a great manager. He has heart and also like I said now, he dedicated himself [and that] makes him so special. Of course, he helped me a lot to become the player I am, and the staff and all the boys, the players. And myself, like I always said, I never stopped working hard as well.

You enjoyed an incredible final season at Liverpool, winning two trophies and going so close to the quadruple. I think all fans would say it was one of their best and most enjoyable seasons because of the journey you and the boys took us on. Do you feel that way too?

Yeah, sure. I think it was a great, great, great season. Unlucky for us, we were so, so close but of course still I think it was the greatest season and the [most] enjoyable season I had in Liverpool because I can say we were almost there to win the quadruple, which would have been amazing. But it is part of football, like I always said it is behind us so let’s focus – both sides – on the next. But for sure, I think that was just an amazing, amazing season anyway, which everybody enjoyed.

You have mentioned the supporters a few times during this interview. You are loved at Anfield, you have your own song, you have brought the fans so much joy over the last few years. They showed again how much they adore this group of players at the parade a few weeks ago. Just how much will you miss them?

For sure, I think whoever is leaving Liverpool, with those supporters you will always miss them because so far [they are] the best in the world and I have always said it. Especially when [they sing] my name, ‘Mane! Running down the wing…!’ – I don’t know, I can’t sing very well! Of course I really enjoyed the time and they, wow… how can I say it? Playing at Anfield I think always gives you so much power because of the fans. So, for sure I am going to miss you guys but anyway, I love you guys. I still have my house in Liverpool and everything so for sure I will come back, of course, and I would love one day to come back to Anfield to say hi to them and of course to watch Liverpool playing because for me, I am going to be Liverpool’s No.1 fan – after the supporters!

That was my next question actually: Are you a Liverpool fan for life now then? Will you keep an eye on the results and how the team is getting on?

[Laughs] Yeah, of course! After every game! After every one of my games in Munich I will come to the dressing room and I will watch Liverpool, for sure, because I am going to be Liverpool’s No.1 fan forever. I just want to say good luck to them and I have an eye on them. And for sure they will be even better because I know the boys: great players, great talent, great maturity and attitude, so of course, Liverpool will always stay even better, for sure.

You said before about coming back to Anfield one day… who knows, we might see you again soon if Liverpool and Bayern meet in the Champions League…

[Laughs] You know the Champions League and how the draw always goes on, it can happen for sure and if it happens it happens. It is football and of course I have to come and I have to play. But like I said, Liverpool is Liverpool and we will see. We will see what is going to happen.

Finally Sadio, you leave Liverpool FC as a legend and one of the best players to ever play for the club. So on behalf of the club and, I’m sure, the supporters who are watching or reading this interview too, thank you for everything you did for us and we wish you very good luck in the future.

Thank you, thank you. Thank you guys, much love still, don’t worry! Bye, all the best!


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