Henry Gomez Arrested by Police – Sankareh

Henry Gomez Arrested by Police – Sankareh

Henry Gomez, the Gambia’s Presidential Adviser has been questioned by the Police over the ongoing alleged diplomatic passport fraud.

The Presidential Adviser was allegedly involved in the illegal sale of several diplomatic passports to individuals over the period.

Gomez who once lived in Germany, is the leader of the Gambia Party for Democracy and Progress.

Already, a number of people have been arrested in Germany over the diplomatic passport issue but it is not clear whether or not their case is linked to his arrest.

Confirming his arrest, the government spokesperson Ebrima G Sankareh, said the Presidential Adviser was among the 16 people arrested and questioned on Tuesday.

He said a panel of investigators has been set up and it is interested to know if their is possible fraud and forgery during the processing of these documents.

Since the news of the diplomatic passport scam broke out, a lot of copies if these documents were leaked, the bearers include Gambians and non-Gambians who allegedly venture into scamming and drug peddling businesses under the veil of working as economic advisers to President Barrow.

Photo reference: Verónica Ramírez – civio.es

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