Getty Foundation 2023 Scholar Grants applications

For its 2023 Scholar Grants, the Getty Foundation is currently accepting applications from researchers of all countries. Applications for the Getty Foundation Scholar Grants must be submitted by October 3, 2022.

Eminent scholars or those who have excelled in their fields are eligible for the Getty Scholar Grants.

The recipients live at the Getty Research Institute or Getty Villa and are free to work on their own projects without being constrained by employment-related commitments. They also have access to Getty collections, take part in weekly meetings focused on a yearly research theme or the African American Art History Initiative, and contribute to the intellectual life of the Getty.

Getty Foundation Scholar Grants Eligibility

  • Open to researchers of all nationalities who are working in the arts, humanities, or social sciences.
  • Applicants who received their degree after September 1, 2019 should apply for a postdoctoral fellowship.
  • Current Getty staff and members of their immediate family are not eligible for Scholar Grants. Recent recipients who have received a Getty Scholar award within the past three years may be removed from consideration.

Getty Foundation Scholar Grants Benefits

Getty Scholars may be in residence from three to nine months:

  • Three-month residency: September to December, January to April: $21,500
  • Six-month residency: September to April, January to June: $43,000
  • Nine-month residency: September to June: $65,000

AAAHI and PRW Research Project Scholarships are limited to nine-month residency terms, and are granted $65,000 stipends.

Getty Foundation Scholar Grants Evaluation Criteria

Getty Scholar Grants are awarded on a competitive basis. Applications are evaluated based on the following:

  • the overall quality of the application;
  • how the proposed project bears upon the annual research theme;
  • the applicant’s past achievements;
  • how the project would benefit from the resources at the Getty, including its library and collections.

How to Apply for Getty Foundation Scholar Grants

Applicants are required to complete and submit the online Getty Scholar grant application form, along with the attachments described below, by the deadline.

  • Project Proposal: Each application must include a description of the applicant’s proposed plan for study and research (not to exceed five pages, typed and double-spaced). The description should indicate (1) how the project bears upon the scholar year theme and (2) how the project would be advanced by the resources at the Getty, including its library and collections.
    • Applicants for the AAAHI and PRW Research Project Scholarships are not required to work on the annual theme. Rather, they should describe either (1) their focus on African American art and cultural history for the AAAHI Scholarship or (2) their focus on Williams’ life and legacy for the PRW Research Project Scholarship.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Optional Writing Sample




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