Gambia TV

GM24 TV is a privately owned UK based Gambia TV channel, which broadcasts online. We “Live Stream” our broadcasts, but are also available “On Demand”. Our focus is influenced by History, Culture, Community, Education, Politics, Lifestyle and Entertainment.

GM24 TV will collaborate with people and organisations in the communities they serve, to bring quality programming, learning opportunities and economic development to the region.

As an established media platform, we intend to contribute what we have learned in our respective media fields of Television Production, Web Development, Digital Media and so much more. To be globally recognized for our excellence in Interactive Technologies and Multimedia Platforms.


Deliver a service known for Excellence in Television and Online Programming.

Be recognized as an Institution with resources integral to promoting peace and equality within especially the continent of Africa.

Increase Community Involvement by introducing rich media and interactive programs.

Broaden and Enhance Visibility and Recognition.

Ensure continued Financial Viability.

Create a safe space for our Children to learn, watch and enjoy Television.

Serving not only Africa but also the rest of the world, with the finest programming for education and entertainment.