Gambian refugees in Germany going through deportation woes, and that’s a part of the story.

Gambian refugees in Germany going through deportation woes, and that’s a part of the story.

Would you force refugees to leave the country just because you can? After all, they are refugees who seek kindness. They are not terrorists to be thrashed and arrested by armed force. The human race survived millions of natural and artificial odds just because of their love and intelligence. But, the deportation woes in Germany show no love for fellow human beings.

There were a few announcements and press releases from the German Directorate-return policy in the past months that fails to do any good to the hopeless Gambian refugees. However, the recent information from the supporters of the Gambian refugees gives a more detailed picture of the suffering that Gambian refugees go through.

We will glance at the facts that every one of us would want to know about the deportation controversy that pertains to the Gambian refugees in Germany.

Gambian refugees in Germany facing a hard time

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Henry Gomez – Gambia Government. Photo reference: Verónica Ramírez –

Around 2400 Gambian refugees are rejected support from the German government. These refugees could get deported anytime according to the refugee support groups in German. Many Gambians who work and pay taxes in Germany received the obligation to leave Germany. To be honest, the obligations to the Gambians to leave Germany seems to be pointless and lacks courtesy.

Gambian refugees are the ones who worked hard to fill the deficit in the German labor force. As per refugee supporters group in Germany, the migration laws don’t even spare the refugees who got themselves a job in Germany.

Refugees who got rejected were arrested right at their homes and workplaces. At times, they don’t even get a few hours to say goodbye to their friends and colleagues. Not only that, it is heartbreaking to see people leave their kids behind while being deported.

Politics behind the German migration law

To be honest, politicians use the deportation of refugees and migrants to build the vote banks. Some politicians want to show themselves as conservatives by displaying their support to the deportations.

A lot of people support the refugees and the integration process, and the rest of the people supports the deportations. However, a few German politicians just talk crap in media about the migration laws to gain support from people with a similar opinion.

Why Gambian refugees suffer?

Almost everyone who takes part in the deportation process suffers a lot. The law seems to be made fearing the unethical migrants who desperately try to get into Germany.

However, most of the Gambian refugees came into Germany during the last few years due to the unstable law and order in the Gambia. By then, the reason for them fleeing their home was perfectly eligible to get the refugee status in Germany. Later, most of those Gambians joined the German labor force by learning and adapting to the circumstance.

Unfortunately, there were drug traffickers and sellers from around the world who applied for asylum in Germany. Many of them had fake identity documents that include Gambian, Syrian, and Iraqi passports. Having said that, genuine Gambian refugees who applied for asylum were rejected.


The current political and law and order in the Gambia may look stabler than it was a few years ago. Truly, it will take several more years for the Gambia to return to a better place for common people who just live by the law.

Germany deporting refugees’ who are proved to be potential threats out of the country is fine as long as they don’t deport harmless Gambian refugees who help resolve the German labor issues. Being away from the spot, all we can do is to pray for those helpless Gambian refugees.

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