Gambia: One More Year of Teaching Challenges and Victories in the Gambia

Humanity is going through difficult times, as a consequence of the Covid19 pandemic that has taken thousands of lives and has lacerated the economy of many countries, especially those of the so-called third world.

Cuba, the largest of the Antilles, is an island that is fighting against a genocidal and cruel blockade imposed by the United States, and intentionally intensified at this stage, where, precisely, support, help, collaboration and union of all are needed to together overthrow that deadly virus.

Our land of solidarity is not intimidated, it continues its triumphal path towards a more just and sovereign world, giving daily samples of the great altruistic and supportive heart that each worthy Cuban carriesthroughout the globe.

In the Republic of the Gambia, a Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC), which brings together dedicated health professionals, among them high-level scientific teachers and excellent pedagogical mastery, demonstrate daily what was expressed by our undefeated and eternal Commander Fidel Castro: “The teacher is the soul of the Revolution “.

There have been many challenges that this group of teachers has had to face together with their Gambian colleagues to keep the educational process active in the midst of the pandemic, a process that did not stop, it continued with online classes, a form of teaching they faced for first time and they succeeded.

This year, they were able to return to the classroom, with great satisfaction, and they noted the good results of the students, with excellent graduate theses and keynote presentations.