Gambia News: “3 Years Jotna” Protesters have reportedly vowed to Challenge President Barrow to Honor the Coalition’s three years agreement.

Gambia News: “3 Years Jotna” Protesters have reportedly vowed to Challenge President Barrow to Honor the Coalition’s three years agreement.

In a dossier circulating online, organisers of the protest enjoined Gambians to occupy the streets in December and force Barrow to step down, if he remains adamant to cling on to power.

“Week 8 – beginning 20th January 2020 –

Occupation of the State House

Mass protests to begin from West Field Serrekunda to Banjul State House!
Every citizen across the country invited to participate.

“This occupation to be maintained until President Adama Barrow Steps Down honouring the 3 years mandate of the people!!!

They also have plans to erect road blocks across the country, perhaps in a calculated move to cause traffic jams and frustrate the authorities.

However, this strategy, (it seems) to call on civil servants to stay at home, as a means of crippling the government by means of civil disobedience.

The well publicised sit down protest will begin on the 2nd December.

“Week 1 – beginning 2nd December 2019 – to be named week of AWOL

“All government employees: teachers, police, fire service, immigration, civil servants, etc, with the exception of Doctors and Nurses, are encouraged to begin an Absent Without Leave (AWOL) from work.”

“The aim is to paralyse the government in Week 1. Family members and friends of such government employees are encouraged to prevail on their love ones to comply!!!

Imams and church leaders are also encouraged to encourage the same in their sermons, as well as Gambians in Diaspora are encouraged to prevail on their love ones and friends to comply. They should be willing to support the affected family members or friends financially until the objectives of the struggle is successful!”

“Week 2 – beginning 9th December 2019 – to be named week of manifestation

The AWOL of government workers to continue but mass wearing of the operation 3 years Jotna T-shirts to begin at all public places! Market vendors encouraged to lead in the wearing of T – Shirts.”

The organizers also stated in it’s inciteful plan that, they will encourage young people to burn tyres on the roads across the country, in order to amplify their calls for President Barrow to step down.

“Week 3 – beginning 16th December 2019 – to be named Smoking the Nation

All actions in week 1 and 2 to continue but in addition, youths all over the country are encouraged to be
begin burning of tyres across the country: on the roads, streets and homes where convenient and safe!!!”

“Week 6 – beginning 6th January 2020 – Smoking the Nation continues

The burning of tyres continues and all activities of week 1 and 2 to continue.”

Currently, the country is in mayhem, due to the bad governance in place, there’s an ngoing investigation into the illegal issuance of diplomatic passports to some individuals including government officials have been arrested to that effect.
Also 37 youths including Killa Ace, a popular musician and rights activist have been detained at the country’s Mile 2 Central prison near the capital Banjul in connection with an alleged arson attack.

The alleged incident happened as a revenge attack over the murder of one Ousman Darboe, a vendor who died few days after his release from Police.

With the release of this document on the public domain, one can only imagine the amount of concern among the populace, in the run up to December.

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