Gambia: The President of the Kairo Survivor Society urges Gambians to adhere to the rule of law.

Kairo Survivor Society

President of Kairo Survivor Led Crisis Society, Ebrima Mustapha Jawneh, has urged Gambians and non-Gambians living in The Gambia to follow the rule of law and ensure peace and stability during and after the upcoming presidential election.

According to Mr. Jawneh, the Kairo Survivor Led Crisis Society is a non-profit organisation created in November 2016 with the primary purpose of providing counselling to persons in crisis situations.

As the political environment becomes increasingly competitive, the President and Board Chair have chosen to provide professional assistance to Gambians at home and abroad.

Mr. Jawneh urged all voters, politicians, the media, the National Securities, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), Gambians in the Diaspora, and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) to uphold the rule of law during the presidential election on December 4th.

He recommended everyone to toss out unfounded rumours and steer clear of political prejudices. In order to develop responsible journalism, he also advised the media to adhere to the ethics and professionalism taught in most pre-election trainings.

He also asked the Independent Electoral Commission to learn from the past and ensure that votes are counted correctly and that results are reported in a timely and accurate manner.

Mr. Jawneh added, “In addition, I would want to remind political party leaders and their supporters to continue to observe the MOU they made on a violence-free election.”

He also urged Gambians in the Diaspora to continue to campaign for decency in politics and individual rights to decision-making for their Gambia-based siblings.

In his expert advise, Board Chair Prof. (Dr.) Lamin Sidibeh remarked that Gambians should recognise that politics come and go, but electorates endure and are destined to coexist.

Politics, he added, is a game in which politicians divide and control according to their political goals or interests. He emphasised that mature individuals should not be manipulated for political purposes.

Despite our different political opinions, Professor (Dr.) Sidibeh stressed that Gambians should cooperate and coexist with these differences without resorting to fighting, insults, or animosity.


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