Gambia: Hoyontan Challenges Baye Mandione’s Victory, Blames CNG

King of Gambian Arena, Hoyontan has challenged Senegalese wrestler Baye Mandione’s victory in their rematch wrestling fight held in Senegal Arena National on Saturday.

Baye Mandione wrestled down Hoyontan in a controversial wrestling fight in Senegal on Christmas Day.

Hoyontan of Club Ndongo Ceesay stated that the Senegalese wrestler first made a four (both his hands and legs) down the ground before him.

He also accused Comite National De Gestion De La Luttee (CNG) for preventing him from properly preparing inside the arena.

“They prevented my marabout from coming inside in arena because they knew him very well in the wrestling field,” he said.

“I took the risk of fighting Baye Mandione in Senegal without my people (from Gambia). Even the one managing me during the bout (Ndoye) ran away from me. I believed this was all planned before the fight,” he added.

“I believe even if they killed me inside the arena, my manager should have come or even console me but I saw none of that from my manager in Senegal.”

He went on to not only blame the Senegalese CNG for not allowing his marabout from entering the arena but for also turning down his “Chumbukai.”

According to him, Baye Mandione never went through what he encountered in Senegal during their first fight in The Gambia.

“He (Baye Mandione) came to The Gambia and refused to fight. But he was never fought by any Gambian (be it the referees or supporters). So today I came to Senegal and wrestled him down with all four (both his hands and legs) going to the ground and we continued the action without any intervention from the referees,” he stated.