Gambia: Dr. Ceesays Says Hon. Halifa Sallah Cannot Transform 1gambia in 5 Years

The party leader of the Citizens’ Alliance, Dr. Ismaila Ceesay, has quizzed the PDOIS candidate Hon. Halifa Sallah that “if for 35 years, you are not able to transform your party into a modern political organisation, how can you transform The Gambia into a modern state in 5 years?

“We are on a mission to save the next generation from the failures of the past and we can’t afford to be distracted,” he added.

The Citizens’ Alliance presidential candidate Dr. Ceesay has called on Halifa Sallah and his PDOIS party to change their system before seeking system change.

According to Dr. Ceesay, “Hailfa Sallah said his party will not give credence to press releases that emanate from certain parties and personalities. CA had issued a statement saying PDOIS were invited for coalition talks but they never responded.

During a press conference on Thursday, the PDOIS candidate Sallah said: “We have seen certain statements issued. We believe that those issuing the statement may not be doing so in an official capacity. What we anticipate is that if the people meet to form a coalition, then they will have a secretariat which will issue press releases on their behalf.”

He added that: “We do not expect separate people to be issuing press releases. That’s why we cannot give importance to press releases issued by certain parties and personalities. What we will give credence to is what is issued by a group of people who officially declared themselves to be working to build a coalition.