Gambia Briefings: 16th December 2019, The Day That Displays A Diluted Democracy!

Gambia Briefings: 16th December 2019, The Day That Displays A Diluted Democracy!

The Failure Of Barrow’s Coalition 2016 Government.

Protests and demonstrations are common in every country. But the reason for the protests and demonstrations happening in The Gambia is to persuade Mr. Barrow to resign from his presidency. That too, the participants are not just from his former political allies, but the common people of the Gambia.

People’s participation in the protests against the government happens only when the government fails badly.

People indeed expected a great 3 year term from Mr. Barrow’s 2016 coalition government. On the contrary, his government failed to live up to expectations.

The government failed badly in saving people from dying due to poverty and inferior medical facilities in government hospitals. People lost hope on Barrow’s coalition 2016 government after experiencing hell due to the electricity crisis, water crisis, unemployment, poor education centers, corruption, and careless presidency.

Western hypocritical backers just lied

Western backers are the ones who know the actual political scenario in and around the world. They hide things and spread false news through their press, statements and tweets just to earn political compromises.

Since the very beginning, we heard just a bunch of lies that made the Gambians believe in Mr. Barrow’s so-called “strategic reforms”.

After so many days of the worst presidency, we now know that his “strategy” was to play people while trying to save his position as a president.

Why and how Barrow’s government failed?

Vindictive revenge mode

Barrow’s government went on revenge mode after taking charge. His government and his coalition partners were keen on seeking revenge against the former regime.

It looked so patriotic when it all started. But, they failed to take constructive and productive actions to improve the country’s economy while on their revenge mode. What good is revenge when the Gambian youth had to leave the country in search of jobs?

Key people of the ex-presidency were the primary targets, and the people’s painful lives were ignored in the process. These actions indicate the lack of sense of self-worth and patriotism in Mr. Barrow and the coalition stakeholders.

Lack of emotional attachment to the citizens

Barrow’s careless attitude towards the economic slowdown shows his lack of attachment towards the citizens of the Gambia. If he has at least a little emotional attachment to the people, then he would have stopped wasting time and money on unwanted political activities.

Mr. Barrow pretended to be the people’s leader who will stake his life to save the people from poor economy and unemployment. Contrarily, the economic crisis and unemployment rate topping the historical data up to date.


It is unclear that how long he will be able to retain his presidency. However, it is obvious that he will not get the expected support from the Gambian citizens in the upcoming days. Even in the next elections, it seems he will face tough times.

By: Y. E. Jarju 

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