Five Hundred Men Some Chained and Beaten, Rescued From Islamic School in Nigeria – Police

Five Hundred Men Some Chained and Beaten, Rescued From Islamic School in Nigeria – Police

Police freed nearly 500 men and boys from an Islamic School in Katsina, northern Nigeria on Wednesday 16th October according to reports.

Many of them had been chained to walls, molested and beaten, said the Nigerian police.
This was the third raid in Katsina in less than one month that brings the total number of people freed from such abusive situation this month to just over one thousand.

Meanwhile, the government of President Muhammad Buhari is under pressure to take immediate measures to free the potentially thousands of children who passing their lives in the similar school across the Nigeria.

Police raided another purported Islamic School in September in neighboring Kaduna state. In this school, captives were chained to walls too, some beaten so mercilessly they plead help to walk on their two feet.

The owner of the Mal. Niga School in Katsina metropolis and his five staffs had been detained, reported two sources to Reuters. Police declined to make any comments on the raid and shut down the entrance to the grounds.

The operation led by Katsina police and Federal police from Abuja in which they freed 500 students though not all of them had been mistreated, a police has said.

Notably, one building that was well-kept, clean tiles on the exterior and working plumbing, held 300 students who were not regularly abused. But nearly 200 captives at a site next door were regularly mistreated.

A police source described the second camp as a very dangerous place, adding that the children had been molested there.

Most perceived unruly students and some newcomers were kept in the second building. Students at the first school were sometimes moved to the second building to be abused.

Almajiris, Islamic Schools are common in the mostly Muslim north of Nigeria. A local organization, namely Muslim Rights Concern estimates about 10 million children attend there.

While some parents believed their children would be well educated and even paid tuition, other families sent their misbehaving or difficult family members and wards to them for discipline, at the other raided facilities

In June, Buhari said that he planned to ban Almajiris eventually but would not do so right way.

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