FAILED!!! The 100% Reason For The Impending Political Anarchy In The Gambia!

FAILED!!! The 100% Reason For The Impending Political Anarchy In The Gambia!

Political anarchy is no joke. No party or coalition would just jump into such a huge move without appropriate backing and reasons. I mean, do you think associations from all over the country and coalition partners would protest just like that? That too to ask a president to step-down? Definitely not.

TYJ (Three-Years-Jotna) protesting for a reason, but why would so many associations and social groups support their protest plan? Adama Barrow and the agreement between the government’s coalition partners are the root cause of the infighting and differences between the coalition partners.

The root cause of the political woes in the Gambia

The MoU which was signed before Barrow was given the coalition support is aimed at having Barrow as the president of the Gambia only for three years. The first three years was seen as a transition period in which Barrow will lead the government.

As per the MoU, Barrow is not supposed to seek re-election until five years after the transition period. Besides, Barrow is supposed to step down at the end of three years which he is not planning to do.

Adama Barrow and the coalition partners who signed the MoU are the primary reason for the political woes happening in The Gambia.

Conspicuous Threat

Barrow seems to be prepared for continuing his term until the end of five years. A few disagreeing members of the coalition were excluded by Mr.Barrow, while the supporters are moving forward with him.

Coalition infighting is a great threat to the national security of the Gambia. Not only that, it could lead to unwanted chaos and insecurity among the citizens of the Gambia. A country like the Gambia that has poor infrastructure, weakening economy, unstable state governments and infighting coalition is definitely on a path of destruction.

Barrow’s failure

The Gambia is going through a rough phase. People are dying due to the poor state of government-backed hospitals. He seems to be worrying a lot about safeguarding his current term and on his personal and political revenge.

Currently, the country needs a stable government that focuses on people’s welfare, and not a divisive government. Seemingly, the current Gambian president Adama Barrow has failed to unite all the stakeholders. In other words, he has proven to be incapable of uniting the country.

The Gambia will remember

Barrow betraying the coalitions by not abiding by the MoU could lead the Gambian citizens to lose trust in him. Ideally, Barrow should respect the MoU, and he should step aside like a gentleman. If not, it will set a bad example for a political leader.

Respecting and keeping the promise should be the basic quality of any politician, and Barrow should remember that.

The protests and political woes can lead to massive riots, and it can harm or kill Gambian civilians. In such a case, the Barrow’s government and the coalition partners are to be the sole reason and stands responsible for such destruction.

Let’s hope for the best!!!

By:    Y.  E.  Jarju,  UK.


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