Ex-finance Minister’s Mansions Under Construction – Video

Ex-finance Minister’s Mansions Under Construction  – Video

The Gambia’s embattled ex-finance minister Amadou Sanneh, has come under serious scrutiny over the construction of his unfinished twin story buildings in Bansang, Central River Region.

The UDP treasurer, who is building the two mega structures in his hometown within his two years stint serving as the country’s finance and trade minister, has raise eyebrows with many questioning the source of the funds.

Gambians could not understand how he managed to acquire the resources to put up such an expensive structure within two years and there are widespread suggestions that the president to launch an inquiry into his dealings while in office.

One of them said, “Above, Minister of Finance Amadou Sanneh’s building in Bansang exposed. They are building their own houses but cannot construct even a kindergarten for 14 months, shame on him”.

Aside from these two gigantic edifices, Sanneh is said to have built another expensive story in the Greater Banjul Area, while serving as Finance minister, he is also said to have bought a Hummer Jeep and married a very young woman as a second wife, shortly after his appointment as finance ministers in 2017.

After his removal from his former position of finance minister, Amadou, criticized President Barrow for betraying him and former Vice President Ousainou Darboe, he also accused the President for diverting state funds to the Barrow Youth Movement without giving proofs, his allegation was quickly dismissed by the government spokesperson Ebrima Sankareh.

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