Equity conference to discuss cultural topics and differences

The Palm Springs Unified School District (PSUDS) is inviting the public to virtually attend its Equity Conference taking place Saturday.

The conference will be Saturday, February 5 from 9 am – 12om over zoom. It is being hosted by the district and is expected to be a learning lesson for those who attend. Several speakers and participants will be able to discuss their experiences from their culture.

The zoom conference will create a safe zone for people to speak their minds.

“Whether you’re getting the perspective of the indigenous group, or African Americans, or Latino Americans, it’s very important to hear what they have to say,” explained Joi Cox, a Cielo Vista Elementary teacher.

Key speakers will be discussing various cultural topics and teaching those who take part how they can be more equitable with their own decisions.

“We’re going to have a session on how to support our LGBTQ students in schools, on mindfulness for families, on the visibility of Native Americans in schools,” said Ruby Rivera, PSUSD’s Family Engagement Coordinator.

The topic for Native Americans is new this year as the district efforts to give local indigenous people a platform to speak about their experiences.

PSUSD has launched a parent advisory council for Native American families, where anyone can take part in.

You can register for the Equity Conference online or sign up for the Native American Advisory Council by contacting (760) 416-1274 or familycenter@psusd.us.


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