EFA officially protest against CAF selection for Cameroon game referee

The Egyptian Football Association has officially protested against the CAF selection of Bakary Gassama to officiate Egypt vs Cameroon game.

In their search for the eighth continental title, The Pharaohs will clash with Cameroon in the semi-final of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

Ahead of the game, CAF announced Bakary Gassama as the match official, which was met by discontent from the Egyptian side.

The reason behind that was revealed by EFA member Ehab El-Komy to be the referee’s mistakes in previous games he officiated with Egypt national team or Egyptian clubs participating.

As a result the EFA officially protested against the CAF decision, declaring that Gassama is not a trustworthy referee.

El-Komy addressed the topic saying: “Not only have we protested against Gassama’s selection, but we also sent CAF a CD showing major refereeing mistakes in our game against Morocco.

“There were more than 12 refereeing mistakes in the Morocco game, and Gassama has been a part of multiple unfortunate events involving both the Egyptian national team and Egyptian clubs.

“Gassama is not trustworthy, and the media should put pressure on CAF because of his selection.

“Victor Gomez or the Guatemalan referee who was mentioned earlier were more worthy of officiating this game.

“As the EFA, things of that sort worry us, especially after Eto’o earlier said that it’s a war and with the leaks claiming that Salah tested positive for COVID-19.

“Thank God the official test results were negative, all the private labs refused to let us do swab tests.

“It’s a football game between two great nations, we were hoping a football star like Eto’o would call for high morals, a football game could spread love and friendship.”


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