current affairs and gk Combine study

We are introducing a new chat system, so all of you can share current affairs and gk to your friends.

Also useful as a combine study tool.You can talk to online friends for GK related questions and answers.

You don’t need to register or login, just enter your name. You can discuss your questions without revealing your identity. 

[In Desktop computers chat window will appear at Right top corner and in mobile view You can find it at the bottom of the site.]

Please follow the guidelines

1. Do not disclose your personal information through chat
2. This chat system is purely for educational purposes , and not for social networking.
3. If you are not a gk and current affairs aspirant ,  Please do not disturb our online friends.
4. Do not use Bad words through chat.
5.Do not share unnecessary website links.
6. please chat only in english

  Questions shared by online users

1. first non congress prime minister : Morarji Desai

2. Bibi ka maqbara is located in : Aurangabad, maharashtra

3. Bibi ka maqbara was built in memory of:dilras banu begum

4. rajatarangini was written by kalhana( written about kashmir)

5.Which commision enquire about death of subash chandra bose: Mukherjee Commission

6. Smallest landlocked country in the world?

Vatican City

7.Largest landlocked country in the world?



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