Christmas Message to All, Especially APRC Loyalists | Lamin Tamba

Lamin Tamba wishes everyone a Merry Christmas, especially APRC loyalists.
Christmas greetings!
Have a wonderful day!
Lots of love!

Video Transcript:

good morning good morning it’s 12:13 on the 25th of december 2021 assalamu alaikum. good morning ladies and gentlemen. this message is a special christmas greeting to all our christian family we love you 100

no less we appreciate the work you put in together for the aprc for president jammeh for the republic of the gambia. and if you didn’t work like that for aps is president german republic of the gambia you’re doing work for the african continent the african race by extension because the ideology of aprc the ideology of president jammeh is a pan-african ideology. everything you do for the gambian is something you’re doing for the african so to our christian family merry christmas have a fantastic christmas. i hope 2021 christmas would be the best you’ll experience so far and i’m praying that the next christmases will be much better. this is lamin tamba sharing this message in lamin tamba is ours one, lamin tamba is ours two lamin tamba is ours three. like i said

the morning doses or afternoon doses or evening doses will be back very soon hopefully in the new year i’ve had a lot of stuff to deal with in terms of work because i didn’t have that much leave and the time i took to go to the gambia for nomination of honorable mamma Kandeh and the election uh period that was borrowed leave i didn’t have that much leave so i had to work flat out

to be able to cover that leave period so i didn’t have that much time to be recording audio for long periods but i’ll be back i’ll be back i’m thanking all apis and supporters for the loyalty for standing farm for being strong for the nationalism patriotism and for the pan-africanism you guys are the best so today’s christmas i’m sending this special christmas message to all of you in learning time but i was one diamond time as i was two lemon timbers i was three all the other aprc four are all the other gdc for all the other gap for and the independent candidates for

fun fantastic brilliant work and the patience we’re displaying so far since the election is brilliant we the aps executive and the gdc executive and the gap executive and the independent cannot thank you guys enough no amount of thank yous will cover the amount of dedication belief loyalty nationalism that you guys have displayed over the last two months it’s been absolutely brilliant thank you very much

just a little update the aprc executive has not been sleeping we have not been resting we are working on the ground behind the scenes to make sure certain things are sorted out before the end of january we’re working very hard behind the scenes but a lot of things that we’re doing are not things that we can share we can talk publicly we’re trying to fix things on the ground uh in the meantime the only updates we you can have from us is that the election petition that the udp has put between them and adama barrow, between them and iec and between them and the attorney general is being fully supported by the aprc gdc gap and the independent all the intelligence information evidence we have and everything that we think will empower the election petition that was submitted against animal borough and his npp against the attorney general against the iec all the evidence we have has been submitted and we have very strong evidence that will support the election petition against the results that were declared by the iec we are confident that the um election petition will have good results yes because there’s been a lot of irregularities regarding the vote on the 4th of december 2021 that’s what we believe based on the evidence we have and we’re very confident that something will come out of it all right so once again this is special greetings to our christian and even our muslim family that celebrate christmas because what happens in the gambia east when is eid we celebrated with our christian families when is christmas or easter we celebrate with our christian families that’s the beauty of the diversity we have in the gambia and that diversity should continue it’s a rich diversity it’s a rich tradition and that tradition should not stop the christians help us celebrate our muslim feasts muslims help christians celebrate their christian feast that’s beautiful i love that i experienced that as a kid growing up i can feel it now as an adult even though i didn’t celebrate most christmases and eats in the gambia i still see people keeping that harmony that cohesion that beauty and long may that continue i am hoping the election petition will win us uh this election that just passed because we believe the election was not free it wasn’t unfair and the way the results were tabulated raised a lot of questions yes even before the election a lot of things raised questions but it’s only now that we realized that everything that was happening during the voter registration pre-election and on the election day was all leading to one thing that the election was rigged in accordance with our belief that’s why we’re contesting the election results uh in cooperation with the udp and in support of the udp petition so on this holiday for christians well jesus essa is a belief that the muslims also have

so the muslims also believe in jesus the only places we defer is the end of his era and the reported departure of his soul but other than that jesus is a was a true phenomenon the muslims believe in this era and what happened during the period yeah all right so we celebrate this christmas and on this holy christmas let’s pray for our true leadership to be restored in the gambia a leader that believes in gambian people first that believes that government people deserve a lot better than what we’re getting now that believes that gambia should progress much faster than what it’s experiencing now because gambia has no progress in gander is falling apart corruption is rampant murder rates crime rates every single thing is going in the wrong direction we do not have a competent leader we do not have a caring leader we do not have a leader that treats gambian people like kings and queens doesn’t put government people first we come last everything that the republic of the gambia is going through now it’s like something that we never experienced since independence despite ppp’s failure we never ever been subjugated like this gambian citizens have never been treated like second-class and third-class citizens like we’re experiencing now all of our sovereign wealth is being exported to other nations it’s being exploited by other nations and governments can today staff struggle to afford prices of the most basic commodities our staple foods are now beyond the reach of the average family governments are struggling big time so therefore i was mystified totally miffed as to how president barrow would have won that election and i put the one in inverted commerce because we don’t believe that he won the election that’s why we’re challenging the result so gambia is in a very difficult place today and that’s a lot down to the bad leadership that we’re experiencing on the aadama barrow he cares little about government people his government is the most corrupt government government people have ever experienced his government is the most incompetent government governments have experienced he never talks about anything that would lift gambian people from their suffering every time he appears before government people he talks on the surface he brags about stuff that doesn’t exist he never talks about how he’s going to reduce the prices of commodities in the market how he’s going to reduce crime rates how he’s going to improve our medical facilities and whatever he talks about anything to do medical facilities it’s exaggeration like he said he was going to build 50 hospitals in sierra he’s going to build a 1500 capacity uh bed in farado something that many countries there’s not even a single hospital with that many vets maybe there is but it’s a combination of different hospitals or trusts they come together or a few trusts that build that many bed capacity hospitals across the world but for gambia to build a 1 500 capacity bed capacity hospital that’s not going to happen now certainly not on the adama borough he was basically lying as he always does because he said it’s okay to lie on the campaign trail so this islam and tamba again today i didn’t want this to be long because i wanted to dedicate this to our christian members of the aprc loyal to aprc loyal to president jammeh and loyal to the republic of the gambia but you know how we do it we extend this christmas felicitation these greetings to every christian whether they’re aprc or not whether they’re loyal to president ghana or not whether they are patriotic guardians or not as long as you’re a christian or you are here the faith that celebrates christmas this message is for you too

may the almighty allah the lord god bring us all good health prosperity and long life on this special day

may we live to experience

an improvement in our fortunes going forward

if you’re not celebrating this christmas in peace and good health may there be a quick turnaround in your circumstances in your situation and your conditions this lamin tamba is ours one,

lamin tamba is ours two lamin tamba is ours three merry christmas thank you.



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