Busta 929’s new Pedophilic endavours sparks outrage

Busta 929, a South African amapiano artist, has once again gotten himself into problems after images of him with a girl who is apparently only 15 years old appeared.

The musician went famous in 2021 after a video of him partying with underage females at his home surfaced.

Slik Talk, a YouTuber, chose to express his thoughts on Busta’s conduct, and let’s just say it was another contentious video.

In a new video, Slik Talk criticizes Busta 929.

Slik Talk made a name for himself as a celebrity hater, and he appears to be back online doing his thing after taking a sabbatical from posting videos.

The controversial YouTuber just pointed his flaming guns at amapiano artist Busta 929 who has been dubbed the “amapiano R-Kelly” after photos surfaced of him with a girl who is allegedly only 15.

In the video which was shared by Slik on 21 February 2022, Slik says that Busta is basically begging to go to jail and has been moving very weirdly for a while now.

Referring to a statement previously shared by Busta regarding his house party that was crawling with underage girls, Slik said that there is no talking himself out of trouble this time.

“You’ve been moving weird for a while now.

At this point you are begging to go to jail, there is space for you there…There is no defending this my n*gga.

“If you think you’ve made it and there’s no way you’re going to jail, there is space for you there.

I just saw that photo of Busta 929 and that minor and it is distasteful, damn near disgusting” he says in the YouTube video.

Mzansi agrees…wholeheartedly

After hearing what Slik Talk had to say, many Tweeps commented on the fact that he had not insulted Busta 929 but instead spoke the reality of the situation.

Here are some of their comments:

@Tshepoo_ said:“I don’t know if it’s the topic or he rebranded, nigga approached this with sensitivity and spoke facts”
@Kamo_Mahlangu said:“I never thought I’d ever agree with other Slik Talk but this Busta person is begging to go to prison.”

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