Breaking News! Hon. Mai Fatty Resigns As Presidential Advisor

Breaking News! Hon. Mai Fatty Resigns As Presidential Advisor

In a humble and rather subdued tone via a Watsapp communication, It appears that Gambia’s former purged Interior Minister and Coalition 2016 Stakeholder, Hon. Mai Fatty  has resigned from his current position as Presidential Advisor to the country’s paranoid president His Exercellency Adama Barrow.

Fatty who is also the Founding Father and presidential candidate of the Gambia Moral Congress Political Party was heard as he vernaculated his message accross in Gambian Mandinka language to one “Mr Alahajie(Alagie)” according to a 1.47 munites watsapp audio listened to by operatives.

According to the audio, the alleged Mai Fatty’s voice said that he will soon be orchestrating a press conference where he intends to meet various media platforms and will be in a position to ascertain his resignation motives.

Honorable Fatty also intimated that he is on a JIHADI mission and will extend it to the Diaspora community of whom he will duly visit soon!…he expressed love and respect to all sympatizers and Gambians at large.

Fatty and Barrow are said to be old mates but the test of time and DEEP-STATE politrix has exposed the duos’ weaknesses. They are now “seemingly” strange bed fellows.


Please Note:

GM24 TV has been informed (unconfirmed) that Mai Fatty is acting and playing games with President Barrow to deflect public attention from the on going never ending scandals and public outcry towards their dysfunctional Government.

Fatty is billed and predicted to succeed the disgraced tribalist Vice President Isatou Touray.

V.P. Touray has been in the limelight recently for alleged channelling adverse hateful tribalist remarks towards the Foni and the Jola ethnic group in the Gambia.

So allegedly, Fatty and Barrow are believed to be acting in cohoot with each other to groom Mai as the de facto VP during the 3-YEARS-JOTNA episode of their Govenment existence in December.

GM24 TV has got a 47 Munite documentary about Mai Fatty. This will be published when relevant.


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