Breaking News: A Shipment of 270 Motorbikes for Barrow Youth Movement bound for Gambia

Breaking News: A Shipment of 270 Motorbikes for Barrow Youth Movement bound for Gambia

As the race to the State House edging close, Politicians have started to gear up for the it.

With the next race to the State House still far, Politicians have nonetheless started to gear up for the it.

And this time, it’s the president Barrow who’s taking the lead, according to reports, a ship containing 270 motorbikes for Barrow Youth Movement (BYB) has set sail and is expected to dock at the Banjul shipyard in few weeks.

Barrow who now appears very clear and set to further pursue his lofty political ambitions, is poised to strengthen his grass root structures, by providing them with sufficient means of transportation for use during their back and forth politicking at their respective localities.

The motorbikes sources say, are being bought by an anonymous donor in the West. These will be added to the fleet of 7 pickups and motorbikes that where distributor earlier in the year, by his Barrow Youth Movement.

His former United Democratic Party too is leaving nothing to chance, the party which is locked into a war of wards with the president, is also set to take delivery of a fleet of yellow pickups and motorbikes.

It is not clear when this consignment will arrive but a top UDP official has confirmed the news and said it may be headed to the country soon.

“More UDP mobile pickups vehicles and motor bikes will be available to all the regions of the Gambia for their region executive very soon to canvass and consolidate their grass root based support”, he intimated.

The executive member did not go further to reveal how they where sourced and nor did he mention where they where purchased.

The two developments will undoubtedly raise public concern once it is knows, because, these are two parties which worked in government for just two years and it will be impossible to purchase such a huge number of automobiles within a short period.

These are the same people who heaped criticisms on Barrow’s predecessor for diverting public funds into his political activities, leading to the freezing of the party’s assets.

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