BBC Africa Eye: Malawi probe ‘Racism for Sale’ documentary

Wetin we call dis Video,

BBC Africa Eye investigate how some Chinese video-makers dey exploit African children

Malawi goment minister, don tell BBC say di racism investigation wey Africa Eye team do on China linked Racism for Sale be “insult to Malawi children”.

Patricia Kaliati, di Minister for Gender, Disability, Children and Social Welfare say wetin don happun be insult to di Malawian nation.

Ms Kaliati say di goment don start investigation into di claim wey di documentary make and say di goment no go tolerate abuse against Malawi pikins.

For February 2020 one shocking video begin fly up and down for Chinese social media. 

One group of African children bin dey collect instruction from one voice wey dey off-camera, to tok some phrases for Chinese. 

Di pikins bin dey repeat di words wit smiles and passion.

But dem no sabi say wetin dem dey tell dem to tok be ” I be black monster and my IQ dey low.”

Di clip bin cause gbege for China and beyond.

But no-one ever answer some crucial questions: why dis dey filmed? Where dem shoot am? Who make am?

Dis questions send BBC Africa Eye reporters Runako Celina and Henry Mhango for journey enta one Chinese video-making industry wey dey use unprotected children across di continent.

Investigative reporters: Runako Celina and Henry Mhango

Producer: Chiara Francavilla

Video editing: Suzanne Vanhooymissen & Matthew Bradley

Exec Prod: Daniel Adamson


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