Australian, South African men are weak – Andrew Kibe declares in heated discussion

Mr Kibe, who has taken to hosting conversations on his social media platforms, was on Valentine’s Day hosting a discussion under the topic “Should I stay or should I go?”. But the discussion quickly got away from him and launched off into wild remarks from the host.

He eventually declared: “Australian and South African men are weak and Kenyan men are full of [expletive].”

According to Kibe, if a man faces disrespect from a woman he should leave. He illustrated what he meant by ‘disrespect’ by ordering a South African woman who had interrupted him to “be quiet and stop behaving like the mannerless women in her country”, aggressively calling her ‘Sarafina’.

Other women who attempted to voice their disagreement with Kibe were muted and removed from the discussion with Kibe noting: “This is why I’m saying women are emotional and emotions are not for men. I’ll let them back in when it’s their turn to speak.”

He further declared that men in the countries he’d mentioned were weak for; allowing their women to divorce them, letting women ‘sit’ on them, prevalent corruption in their countries, being angry at women, showing emotion and letting women talk back at them.

“Every time I hear a man saying that they need to settle down, they want someone… All I think is ‘Bro, you’re so done!’ Because you are giving all the power to the woman and women don’t know how to handle power. All this going on one knee is… because you’re weak! Then you will be the one pushing the trolley in the supermarket as your woman picks things and you pay for them,” the media personality stated.

One of the speakers hosted by Kibe was an African-American man identified only as Shalashaska who engaged the host in exploring various racially divisive topics in the United States.

Kibe sought to find out whether the speaker knew all the racially black billionaires in the US and when Shalashaska could only name entertainers, Kibe dismissed him as being ill-informed and overly sensitive.

Shalashaska later asked Kibe to name a few African billionaires, a request that was laughed off by the host.

The media personality went on to have a back-and-forth with Shalashaska with the American national oftentimes cautioning Mr Kibe to pay respect to the ongoing Black History Month in the US.

Some of the triggering remarks made by Kibe included referring to African people as monkeys, referring to an Aboriginal Australian speaker as ‘white woman’, and making a comparison with ‘slaves picking cotton under the hot sun’.

While concluding the heated discussion, Andrew Kibe issued a disclaimer on the statements he makes, admitting that they have often landed him in trouble.

“I thank you, George [Kibe’s co-host] for always having my back. It’s important to note that information is not for everyone… it’s for the few, not for the masses, it can’t be digested by everyone.

“Sometimes when I say things like those [men should not date single moms], it’s only when you interrogate what I’ve said, like George has done, that you will understand what I’m saying. I cannot break it down every time I say it. It’s like the mosque, everyone will hear the [muezzin’s] call but only Muslims will go for prayer,” he disclaimed.

He called for more Kenyans to speak their truth and not just offer their opinions when they interact with him.


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