Applying for R350 grant and wack rappers — Top Google searches in South Africa

Google has revealed the top searched questions and terms in South Africa for April 2022, showing users had significant interest in religious holidays, the KwaZulu-Natal floods and social grants.

Google Search is the world’s most popular search engine, processing more than 40,000 queries every second.

That translates to more than a billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

According to GlobalStats StatCounter, it was the preferred search engine for 92.45% of South African users in April 2022.

Google’s latest data shows the government’s announcement that impoverished people would have to reapply for the R350 Sassa Covid-19 relief of distress grant led to the top searched question being “How to apply for R350?”.

The link for the application was also the second most-searched term.

Another major topic of interest was the various religious holidays during the month.

The Christian Easter, Jewish Passover, and Muslim holy month of Ramadan coincidentally overlapped in April this year.

Google said this meant the month saw common questions like “When is Eid?” referring to the celebration which marks the end of the fasting month of Ramadan, and “What is Easter?”.

Furthermore, the devastating floods which hit Kwa-Zulu Natal earlier in April were also among the month’s top searches.

The term “Durban floods” and the question “What is happening in KZN?”  were among the most popular searches.

It is possible that “Climate change” featuring as the top searched term could be related to people looking for a reason behind the floods.

Buildings flooded after a subtropical storm hit KwaZulu-Natal

When it comes to persons of interest, South Africans were curious to know more about musician Lira following the announcement that she had suffered a stroke in Germany.

Rugby player Pedrie Wannenburg was also in the top 10 searched terms after being killed in a car crash in Texas on 22 April.

In terms of sports, golf dominated searches, with the Masters taking place at the Augusta National Golf Course early in the month.

Finally, in entertainment, the Coachella music festival piqued South Africans’ interest, while the celebrity boxing match between Cassper Nyovest and Naakmusiq was the third most-searched term in the month.

South Africans were also looking for the worst rapper, with “Who is the wackest rapper in SA?” ranking as the second most-searched question over the past month.

On the international front, actress Amber Heard trended as the fifth most searched term, owing to her ex-husband Johnny Depp’s much-publicised defamation lawsuit kicking off in the US.

For those curious to know more about the popular search terms and questions on Google Search, its Trending Searches portal provides a live snapshot of the most popular searches on a real-time and daily basis.

Below are the top 10 most searched questions and terms on Google’s search engine for April 2022.

Top searched questions

  1. How to apply for R350?
  2. Who is the wackest rapper in SA?
  3. When is EID?
  4. What is Heritage day?
  5. What is Easter?
  6. What is Coachella?
  7. When is EID ul fitr 2022?
  8. What is happening in KZN?
  9. What is responsible citizenship?
  10. Where is Augusta National Golf Course?

Top searched terms

  1. Climate change
  2. application
  3. Cassper nyovest vs Naakmusiq
  4. SK Khoza
  5. Amber Heard
  6. Gogo Maweni
  7. Masters
  8. Lira
  9. Durban Floods
  10. Pedrie Wannenburg

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