Africa on the Map with Global Gaming Industry

Players, developers, studios and international investors are meeting in Cape Town for the fourth edition of the Africa Games Week from February 23 to 25, 2022.

Ten game development studios in Africa have come together under one umbrella, the Pan Africa Gaming Group, in an effort to unify the continent’s gaming sector, which is currently fragmented. The association is further envisioned to drive the uptake of gaming in the continent, and grow developer talent.

The gaming industry in Africa is set to grow exponentially due to a soaring interest amongst the youth, and as more people get connected to the internet.

South Africa has the highest saturation of gamers across Africa, with 24 million people (almost half of its population) playing, according to the Games Industry Africa report. Other major markets include Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Ethiopia. In 2021, South Africa generated the most total annual gaming revenue at U.S.$290 million, followed by Nigeria (U.S.$185 million), Ghana (U.S.$42 million), Kenya (U.S.$38 million) and Ethiopia (U.S.$35 million).


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