Africa: A Multicultural Display for the Opening Ceremony in Cameroon

The opening ceremony of the TotalEnergies Africa Cup Cameroon 2021 took place on Sunday, 9 January 2022 at the Olembé Stadium in Yaoundé.

For this 33rd edition, the host country of the most prestigious tournament in Africa saw things on a large scale.

From the outset, it revealed the facets and symbols of Cameroonian culture while involving renowned international talents.

The AFCON 2021 anthem was performed by Africa Smile and room was made for dance performances representing major Cameroonian cultural groups:





Fally Ipupa headlined the musical show.

The famous Congolese artist, winner of several distinctions (MTV Music Awards, Afrimma, Trace Urban) and nominated many times (BET Awards, All Africa Music Awards, Canal 2’Or, African Entertainment Awards USA) made the crowd dance in the stands.

50 years after the last Africa Cup of Nations on its own land, Cameroon is preparing for the festivities.

In 1972, Africa gathered in Cameroon through its eight qualified teams, today 24 teams have come to be part of the most prestigious game.

The opening ceremony at Olembé Stadium was presented in five acts, with the first dedicated to “the awakening of Cameroonian nature” through the richness and diversity of its landscapes.