Actress Funke Akindele’s husband, JJC Skillz, comes under fire for poor fatherly role in his son’s life, Benito

JJC Skillz has come under heavy criticism for being a bad influence on his son, Benito, after his babymama, Mella, exposed him as a drug user.

Kemi Filani News earlier reported that Mella alleged that Funke Akindele’s husband is a long time drug user and constantly smoked dope in front of his children, which has been a long-standing dispute.

Similarly, Instagram blogger Cutie Julls corroborated the claim stating that JJC Skillz’s biological mother had raised concern about his smoking habits in the presence of his children.

It was also alleged that JJC Skillz had a bad influence on his son Benito, who was once a good child, but things took a new turn as he watched his father smokes dope around him.

While some social media users dragged JJC Skillz for his poor fatherly role, others claimed that both parents are irresponsible and failed their son.

chrys3k wrote: I don’t know why people are missing this. Both parents are very irresponsible and have failed that boy from a young age! It’s no wonder the situation is as it is

nosadeborah wrote: Truth is JJC is absolutely wrong…poor fatherly role in the child’s life

hey_morenikeji wrote: Both parents are at fault in parenting their ward, if the father failed what is the mothers duty,women should know their children sanity comes first,the father failed him yet the mother too should have done better. She failed motherhood also.

ceemplybecca wrote: Ofcourse the soon must have watched his father do it so he also followed suite now you want to kill him for the same sin you commit! Abeg abeg


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