‘90% of everybody’s music is trash’ AKA gets real with upcoming artists

The conversation around South African artists and celebrities refusing to give upcoming artists a foot in the door has been a hot topic in the streets of social media, and this week’s celebrity target is South African hip hop rapper, Kiernan “AKA” Forbes.

Taking to Twitter, the Victory Lap star posted a screenshot of a text which he had received from a fan who has been trying to get the artist to listen to his beats and give him a chance for a possible future collaboration.

In the text, the upcoming artist expressed how tired he was of asking the artist to give him time to listen to his beats, and also noted all of the effort and sacrifices he has made to try and get Forbes’ attention, which he will no longer be doing.

“I’m done begging you to listen to my beats, I’m done begging you for anything. I came to your birthday I hallad at you you ignored.

“I became an embarrassment after all the sacrifices I took to come thru, why didn’t you just tell me from the beginning that I’m nagging you?

“All of that is ending today you will never ever hear from me asking you for anything I’m even blocking you,” said the upcoming artist.

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Soon after sharing the text, AKA also shared his sentiments on upcoming artists and the difficulties of making it into the entertainment industry.

The Congratulate artist expressed how he too had to knock on many doors and exchange numbers before he was given the chance to showcase his skill, and share a studio with great South African artists such as Khuli Chana and K.O.

“I had to exchange many numbers before we could even get the CHANCE to be in the same studio as KHULI or KO or Linda,” said Forbes.

He then addressed the upcoming artist who sent him a text, and said if he thinks he is going to get any help from him to enter the industry from the text he has sent, then he is mistaken.

“You think you gone just text me & I’m just gonna put you on my back? You dreaming,” said the rapper.


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